Stacked hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular if we are to take into account the new found preference for inverted hairstyles. If you like wedge hairstyles, but want something a little bit different, stacked hairstyles should definitely be considered at least as an option. See if the style suits you by taking a closer look at the hairstyles presented below.

Although you might not be able to recognize the term stacked hairstyle when you hear it, chances are you have seen several variations now that inverted hairstyles have made such a huge comeback in fashion. It is also likely to be tempted to associate them with wedge hairstyles due to the numerous similarities that exist between the two, however it can be helpful to know a few distinguishable differences.

A stacked haircut is indeed similar to wedge haircuts, however the angles tend to be sharper and graduated layers are used to define this type of look. In the case of wedge hairstyles horizontal lines are preferred and the layers are a little softer.

Now that we are clear on the difference, it is important to determine if this type of hairstyle would work for you. This hairstyle can be a good option if you like to have additional volume at the back of the head. The graduated style can provide a volume boost almost effortlessly which is especially useful if your hair tends to be thin or you need additional weight in this area to be able to balance your look.

If you are a fan of inverted bob haircuts and you would like to gain more flexibility a stacked bob can be a good choice. Not only it tends to be suitable for any hair type, but also the transition to a wedge hairstyle can be relatively easy to make if you happen to be a fan of this type of haircut. In addition, since we are talking about a short to medium hairstyle, high maintenance is not generally a problem. Although a little styling will definitely make your hairstyle stand out, the styling skills are quite modest.

If you don't want to go for the wash and wear look, than using a round brush to define your tresses and then blow drying your hair and adding a little shine serum should help you look polished and ready to go. In pulling off this type of look perhaps the most challenging part is finding a good hair stylist that understands your needs and that has experience when it comes to haircuts that follow this type of pattern.
However, considering the enormous flexibility of the hairstyles of this sort nowadays, the chances of success are greatly magnified and worrying about the final result is not necessary anymore. However, bringing a photo always helps as your hair stylist will have a much better idea of what exactly your expectations are.

If you are wondering what are some other benefits of this type of hairstyles aside from the obvious ones which include an instant style change that is easy to manage on a daily basis, you should also know that this type of hairstyle elongates your neck. If you decide to add bangs to the hairstyle, your facial features will be intensified helping you get noticed even more.

Due to the fact that this type of hairstyle tends to be very modern and provides a sleek, polished look, you are guaranteed to make a good impression as long as this type of haircut works well for your features.

Due the fact that this hairstyle has a modern vibe while at the same time having a classical allure, it can work well for women of all ages. Moreover, this type of hairstyle might even help you look younger especially because it provides a gentle face lift due to the way it is structured. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why it might be worth giving stacked hairstyles a chance at any age as it is very appropriate and easy to style, a definite plus if we consider the hectic schedule most women have nowadays.