Runway hairstyles are one of the top sources of inspiration when a style change is desired. Many times, although the hairstyles presented on the runways are not very different from the ones we might choose on a daily basis, a fresh new approach or simply a change in a few minor aspects are enough to make us adopt a fresh new hairstyle. Hair accessories often play an important role in the way a hairstyle is being perceived so taking a closer look at the runways hairstyle accessories to get new ideas is an action that can quickly pay off and help us get noticed easier.

The idea that hair accessories should emphasize femininity seems to be dominant among many designers that have chosen floral hair accessories. This romantic attitude can be observed in many different collections in a variety of forms. While some designers such as Marc Jacobs or Anna Sui like to opt for eye catching dramatic versions others, like Oscar de la Renta like to embrace the idea that less is truly more and opt for just a touch of romance by choosing more discreet accessories.

The style as well as the types of hair accessories used were greatly influenced by the type of outfit chosen as well as the overall impression that was desired. When elegance was the dominant aspect of the outfits presented the hair accessories were delicate and generally quite subtle while when a fashion statement was the main intention, the hair accessories were a lot bolder.

While romanticism was fairly well represented, designers also thought about those who prefer a more classic and even conservative style. Hair clips, when used creatively can become one of the main focal points of a hairstyle. An interesting and relatively original idea is perhaps the use of multiple hair clips to add extra definition to a hairstyle as well as a classy vintage touch. This is one of the best examples when it comes to how practicality and style can merge to create a fashionable look. This trend can be easily adopted to take a simple casual hairstyle to the next level without having to turn to complex hair styling techniques.

For those who don’t appreciate highly pragmatic hair accessories, accessories made of various fabrics can be a good alternative. A great advantage of this type of hair accessories is that in many cases you can create a stylish alternative yourself if you have a little imagination as well as a willingness to create a one of a kind hair accessory. Roccobarocco and Jason Wu offer a few eloquent examples when it comes to how a relatively simple hair accessory can glam up a regular hairstyle.

Both the causal chic hairstyles as well as classic and more formal hairstyles were well represented as designers understood the need to be creative and to have a polished look in all the circumstances of our life. While for formal events the selection tends to be a little wider as the elements used are more varied and the sophistication of this type of these hairstyle allows more combinations, simple hair accessories can have en equally impressive effect. Feathers and beads can be part of a sophisticated and sexy hair accessories, while hair accessories that appear to be made of precious metals remain a classic hair accessorizing technique.

In the case of headbands the placement is one of the elements that is often neglected but that can create very different looks depending on how it is used. If the headband is placed on the top of the forehead, a simple yet beautiful bohemian hairstyle can be created in a matter of seconds. As you can see hair accessories will be highly diversified the following season so choose your favorite style to be able to create interesting hairstyles in a heartbeat.

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