Femininity seems to be the key element this year using small details in order to enhance this feeling. Whether you have long, medium-length or short hairstyles, for the holiday season you can try adding a special touch to your look by choosing a fabulous hair accessory.

It will not only bring uniqueness to the overall aspect, but it will successfully complete and upgrade a dull appearance. Well, it is already known that small details make a difference. Headbands, hairpins, barrettes, and numerous other spectacular embellishments, there are so many options for you. Put your imagination to the test and get ready to have fun making amazing and creative combinations!

Headbands and hairbands are the It-hair accessory of the moment. There are so many versions for all tastes and styles. There is the sweet, delicate and romantic version for those of you who are more into a discreet and bohemian look, made from softer fabrics, in lighter colors. On the other hand, you can also find the extravagant variants with incredible adornments, such as feathers or sequins, and made from vivid, colorful fabrics. For the holidays, try to invest in sequined headbands or more colored ones as they are much more suitable.




As feathers have always been the symbol of a polished and feminine look, you can make one step forward and try to adopt this special style.

A simple, monochrome outfit, to which you don’t want to add chunky jewelry, can be stylishly completed by a feathered headband or even hair pins. As for the color, there will always be the classic trendy black, but if you are rather bold, red, green or blue can be a great choice. When it comes to feathers it is important to know where to place them. Always avoid setting them at the crown of the head or in the center of a bun. The best thing you can do is to discreetly set them on one side.

Every woman should have a barrettes and hair grips into her hair accessories collection. These are very versatile and practical items that can boost your overall look in no time. Simple or with various embellishments, they can add a special touch to a common, classic chignon without requiring professional styling skills or too much practice. Besides, you should always carry a barrette or a hair grip into your handbag as you never know when you might need an instant hairstyle update, especially when rebellious hairs refuse to stay in place.



Hair combs are the ideal accessories when you want to bring a chic touch to your look without giving the impression of trying too hard or being too extravagant. They come in so many different colors, which makes them perfect for all hair shades. Moreover, if properly chosen, a hair comb can be a discreet accessory. This is one essential detail you should keep in mind when purchasing a hair comb for a formal, evening event as the teeth shouldn’t be visible. Therefore, camouflage them with your waves or curls, but make sure that the upper part to be seen. For the holidays you are free to choose more sophisticated colors, such as purple or blue, but don’t forget that white and black are the ultimate symbol of elegance.

As we have said before, the holiday season is the ideal moment for you to step out of the box and avoid the common, dull styles and colors. Therefore, strong, bright colors, sequined and jeweled hair accessories are a must.

For the wildest of you, animal print can be a very interesting, yet stylish choice. However, you should be very careful when matching these items and find the appropriate outfit as you don’t want to exaggerate and be taken as the Christmas tree. What you are looking for is a balanced look. If you have a very colored outfit and chunky jewelry, choose simple, plain hair accessories. On the other hand, if your outfit is rather simple, you are allowed to go for a daring hair accessory, such as a bouquet or a draping pearls and chains headband.