As there are so many hairstyles available, a woman finds it hard to choose one to flatter her and suit her lifestyle. But, taking into consideration just a few simple tips and tricks on how haircuts should be chosen according to face shape, face traits and other social elements, will make your job much easier.

Long hair works best if you have a round face. Women with a round face need long layers that frame the face on the sides in order to give the illusion of length. We present you a few criteria to consider if you want to keep your hair long.

Long hair is perfect when you are in a hurry and you don’t have enough time to make your hair. In this context, long hair is easier to take care of. You just need to wash it, apply styling products such as a hair mousse, blow dry it and you are ready to go.

Long hair looks amazing if it is healthy. A long, unhealthy hair is not attractive at all and you’ll certainly not feel good knowing this. Therefore, you should cut it as it is better for you and your hair.

Curly hair is a real treasure. Many women feel that curly hair is a burden and torture. However, we must face that long, curly hair can be a real accessory itself. It is beautiful and you’ll certainly turn heads.

If you have strong features and body, long hair smooths a strong jawline and the roundness of the face. It also balances the proportions of your body.

Long hair has been always associated with a youthful and joyful look. There is this idea that mature woman look better with short hair. Long and even shoulder length hair flatters every woman by making her more feminine and appealing.

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Choose a short haircut if especially if you have a square face shape. The traits of your face are excellently enhanced by a short haircut.

You have fine, delicate traits. Anyone who has a small nose and mouth can choose a short haircut. You can look great with this type of hairstyle even if you don’t have perfect traits. You just need self-confidence.

Petite women should go for a short haircut in order to match proportions. Nevertheless, don’t go to extremes as a too short hair would only make your head look too large.

You have enough time to take care of the hair. If you have a special haircut, you might need to wash and style it every morning.

A short haircut is the best solution when you need a change in order to pass through a rough period. A new haircut means sometimes a change of attitude and more self-confidence.

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Tips and tricks

If you have an oval face, you can consider yourself very lucky as you can choose any haircut you want. You just need to consider your personality.

For long faces bangs and layers work great as long as you stay away from extremes.

If you have a round face, long layers are the best choice. Usually, short hair should be avoided by women with round face as it only emphasizes roundness.

Side-swept bangs are a total must-have for heard-shaped faces.

For a square face, choose a short-to-medium length hair. Go for wispy bangs in order to soften the angular shape.