Hipsters are often associated with the tribute movement of the Beat Generation. Indeed, their world view opposes rules and mediocrity. They are IN and not PART Of society. This is one of the main principles to adopt when joining their party.

Hairstyles reflect their attitude, asymmetry and sharp angles as well as the effortless look all are signature traits of hipsters. As the devoted fans of this anti-style, more and more teens go for a spontaneous haircut often done in their own room.

Hipsters sport their tresses at all lengths, experimenting with colorful methods to flash their fashion-forwardness. Refusing to adopt the mainstream and especially celebrity hairstyle trends, they opt for unique accessories and hairdos.

If you’re flirting with the idea of a hip hairdo, you should pay special attention to these styling tricks. Pair your hoodie and skinnies with a brand new eye-popping short cut.

Short crops are top favorite hairstyles of hipsters since both society and fashion in general is dominated by long cascading tresses. Those who are true to hip style principles make the cut to sport these fab hairstyles. Moreover, as a must have accessory of the do, they opt for blunt hairstyles with bangs.

Pulling off the retro and futuristic hybrid look they transgress the barriers of traditional hair styling. Bowl-cuts and polished looks are trademarks of hip girls.

Exposing their face is another compulsory element of the hairstyle. The XXL bangs are real faux pas among the hipster groups. Instead, they sport either short baby or eyebrow-sweeping bangs that will add a classy and ultra-polished flair to their image. Choppy layers are also no-no options. The barriers of feminine and boyish cuts fade away, shaping the tresses into unisex hairdos.

Unclear partings and extremely fixed angles and lines further polish the hip look. By standing in the way of fashion control, hipsters establish their own rules for styling their strands. In order to distance yourself from the mass trends it is essential to keep the sophisticated and kitschy look.

This you can achieve on the spot by ditching out all the latest fashion magazines and experimenting with the colors and snips that lead you through an overall hip makeover. Whether you ask the help of a hair stylist or you launch a one man project, the point is to draw some inspiration from the artful fellow hipsters’ look.