The shag haircut men wear today is an ever updated style, and works on short as well as on medium length, in choppy layers or tousled. Celebrities like Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp or Nicolaj Coster-Waldau have been spotted wearing different versions of men’s shag haircuts.

The great news is that any guy can give shag haircuts for men a try. For curly hair, go for the shag Kit Harington has been wearing, while men with straight hair can easily pull off Brad Pitt or Jesse Spencer’s textured shags.

Men’s shag hairstyles work great on almost every texture, hair density and length, effortlessly becoming a part of your lifestyle: with a more conventional apparel at the office, out with friends at the weekend or on a night out with your buddies.

Mens Curly Shag HairstyleMens Straight Shag Hairstyle

The Updated Men’s Shag Hairstyles

Shag hairstyles for men are easily achievable haircuts: all you need to do is ask your stylist to go for a layered cut with shorter or heavier bangs, depending on whether your hair is straight or wavy, thin or thick. Consider shag haircuts for men styling options before making a definitive choice. The latest trend among fashionable guys is side parting. Make it as messy as you like to define your shag hairstyles for men.

Mens Shag Haircut With LayersMens Short Shag Hairstyle

If you’re pondering over getting this look or not, consider that men’s shag hairstyles stand for spirit, openness, and youthful nonchalance. The shag hairstyles men wear nowadays even look good as a transition period to another hairstyle. Men simply love their no-fuss shag hairstyles.

Johnny Depp Shag HairstyleNikolaj Coster Waldau Shag Hairstyle

Men’s Shag Hairstyles: Styling Tips

After you’ve shampooed and conditioned your hair, work Marlies Moller styling gel through your hair and blow-dry it, running your fingers through your hair to define your layered look of shag hairstyle for men. Still using your fingers, shape your mane in any directions you like it, then allow the hair to air-dry completely.

Kit Harington Curly Shag HairstyleJesse Spencer Medium Shag Haircut

If you have thin-textured hair, you might consider applying some volumizing mousse from Tresemme through your damp hair. When you blow-dry, comb your hair upwards to give it extra volume. Take some Billy Jealousy pomade between your fingers and run them through the dry hair again. This will provide additional structure to your shag hairstyles for men.

Perfecting Men’s Shag Hairstyles

Modern, style-conscious men know that pomade and mousse don’t always do the trick in defining and structuring shag hairstyles for men. A few naturally nuanced streaks might be a solution to add depth to your shag hairstyles for men. Those of you considering the shag haircut for men should ask for something that matches their age and personality.

Brad Pitt Shag HaircutBrad Pitt Shag Hairstyle

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