What makes a hairstyle a scene hairstyle?

It’s bold and glam- young, punky and avant-garde.

Think 80’s metal hair trimmed up with all the sophistication of today with lots of volume. You can go mullet, bob with long swept bangs. If you like it long, get  many choppy layers and have your bangs swept drastically to one side and covering your eye. A flat iron and lots of styling products (pomade, wax, spray, shine serum) are definitely must haves as styling plays a huge role in the edgy allure brought by this type of hairstyle. Ladies, if you’re not comfortable making heads turn than scene hair is not for you. The cut and the overall look will make people stare and jaws drop, so be sure that you’ve got the confidence to rock the haircut!

Spike it up in the back and straighten the sides. You can also straighten the bottom and mess up the top layers of your hair. Dye it black (pink, red, orange, blue, green, platinum, or other neon colors) with some unnatural color streaks, especially in the bangs. But you could also do highlights, lowlights or both with strong contrasts.

You could also get your bangs/fringe dyed in a lighter color than the rest of your hair. Now it’s all about wearing a bow in your hair or a cute kiddies hair band, clips or hair grips.

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