The new season trends are spicing things up by featuring some of the hottest hairstyles that you can easily draw inspiration from when it comes to both formal and informal events. Because runway hairstyles have a huge influence on the new trends when it comes to hair also, these looks are a perfect match for the holiday season. There are various runway looks to draw inspiration from for your holiday hairstyle, so take a peek at the following hairdos and pick the one that suits your hair length and personality best.

Thankfully, there are now a myriad of great hair styling tools and products out there that have been designed to make hair styling easy and fun, so you can now get professional results in the comfort of your own home. The following runway inspired holiday hairstyle ideas will ensure your look will not only be in perfect sync with the upcoming trends, but that you’ll also make heads turn.

Updo hairstyles have made a huge comeback lately and since they maintain a high elegant allure they are a perfect match for a formal holiday party and not only. There are a myriad of gorgeous up styles to choose from depening on the degree of sophistication you’re looking for. From all glam looks like the ones featured at Christian Dior and 3.1 Philip Lim to more casual styles such as the ones featured at YSL and Chanel anything goes, so pick your style according to preference as well as skill.

Go for fab vintage rolls or cool twists if you’re looking for something more elegant and sophisticated or go for a simple ballerina bun which you can accessorize with various hair pins to take it out of the ordinary. Updos look best if created on sleek straight hair as this hair texture accentuates every detail of your cool ‘do, so straighten your hair with a round brush or a hair straightener prior to styling.

The ponytail will be your savior if you’re not too skilled in styling your locks on your own, plus the new ponytail styles featured at Marc by Marc Jacobs, Herve Ledger and Gucci look absolutely fantastic and require virtually a minimum mount of skill for creation. Pull your hair up centered and slicked to perfection after which you’ll secure your pretty pony with a hair elastic. Go for a cool look by wrapping more elastic down your ponytail at equal sections or pin half of your pony close to the scalp with a hair pin and give it a little bit of a pouf leaving the ends out or tucked in depending on personal preference. Another great look that will surely make you look amazing but which will require some skill or an extra hand is a braided updo which works best on long hairstyles, giving a very romantic look.

If you’re out of time or are simply too clumsy to create elaborate hairstyles, fear not, as loose hairstyles featuring a perfectly enhanced texture or a simple hair accesory will do wonders without making you look outdated. Opt for a simple yet fab look by adding a bit of volume to your locks, creating some slight yet glamorous hair waves or simply gather your hair up and accessorize your locks with a jeweled hair accessory. Louis Vuitton, Anna Sui and Versace revealed that simplicity is timeless and equally glamorous, so enhance your locks to perfection. There are a myriad of cool ways to style your hair for the holidays and look picture perfect, so experiment and make sure you look and feel fabulous!

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