When taking inspiration form the runway, it’s best to tame the look down a notch, to make the hairstyle more wearable. It’s easy to create ‘fashion’ hair your own by just making small tweaks here are there. Depending on your hair length , you can turn towards simple or more sophisticated looking hairstyles, and fortunately there are enough hairstyle ideas to experiment with regardless of your hair’s length. However, those of you with long locks are more fortunate as the possibilities when it comes to styling long hair are basically endless!

Instead of working with a whole head of crimping and teasing, concentrate on a smaller area. For example, you could just pin bangs up or crimp just small, random sections of hair. You get all the runway texture without the drama.

Half Updo Hairstyle 2009Summer Hairstyle with HumpCurly Hairstyles 2009

Big, teased curls are so hot right now! To make the style you own, tone down frizzy curls into smaller, more groomed ones, curling from the mid-lengths down to the ends only.

This will give you pretty and glamorous curled ends without lots of curly volume at the roots, that can be hard for anyone to wear.

Braided Wavy Hairstyle for SummerBouffant Updo HairstyleFrench Twist Updo with Accessory

Mermaid waves are the hottest way to wear long hairstyles – to create, use braids to copy the tousled texture. If you’ve got super fine hair that refuses to get tousled, then create the texture and volume by scattering braids throughout your hair.

Create a sexy, textured bun: once your hair is in a pony, section the ‘tail and create a few braids before wrapping them around the base to get a more bulky bun shape.