Goth culture is popular due to its fascination for the dark side and in general all that’s bleak and somber. Indeed, the Romantic Goth diverges from the mainstream movement with its fondness for the sensual and more sophisticated beauty. Those who engage into adopting this style will turn to the Victorian attires and the past decades that promoted femininity and melancholy. These two buzzwords characterize both the outfits as well as the hairstyle choice of devoted fans of this trend.

Black is indeed the quintessential shade that is sported in its noble refinement. Paired with the porcelain skin and the accentuated eyes and blood red lips, it resembles the tendencies of the well-known and recently uber-popular vamp chic. Those who are eager to join the group of Goths should look at these inspiring Romantic Goth hairstyles as top notch accessories of their sophisticated look.

Romantic Goth hairstyles, besides following the signature patterns of the main movement, turn to the ancient beauty ideals. There’s no need to shave the head or leave the hair grow to extreme lengths in order to look Goth. Instead, find the sensual side of your personality and opt for a hairstyle that best fits your preferences and stays in the limits of the impressive style. The edgy quality of the haircuts paired with a beautiful hair color and the naturally glowing strands echo the classic ‘Frankenstein’ Gothic tradition.

Pairing short bangs with a stylish updo can be the best option to create the subtle beauty look which will perfectly complement the attire accessorized with laces and different jewelry pieces. Those who prefer to enjoy the flowing effect of their longer tresses can add definition to the sleek bangs and leave the rest of the strands either curled or straight in a downdo.

Bouffant classic updos also perfectly match the Romantic Goth style. The finesse they radiate especially when paired with long shiny strands will add a special cryptic flair to your glamorous apparel. However, in a less ceremonial style, tying your tresses into a bun or a twisted hairstyle decorated with a vintage hairpin or other accessories would just as miraculously reflect your Goth style-consciousness. These hairstyles seem to perfectly mirror the affinity of fans of the bleak and dark side for all that flashes the gentle beauty of ladies.

Whether you are longing to adopt the more bizarre or less provocative Goth fashion, the secret to pull off this style in a spotless way is to find the hairdo that matches your unique style and the one you are confident enough to wear. Sticking to the trademark black color or topping the hair with purple, red or other dark shaded highlights are both accepted in Romantic Goth.

Short hair proves to be just as perfect to be shaped into a glamorous Romantic Goth hairstyle. Indeed, combining the curly and sleek as well as the contrasting colors can be the best method towards creating your unique hairdo. Feel free to experiment with the different styles still learn to accentuate the femininity of your hairdo with emphasizing the gentle and polished lines. Maintain your ever changing attitude to the latest trends in Romantic Goth hairstyles in order to offer your short crops a brand new and breath-taking look.