The new modern versions of the rock chick hairstyles look absolutely stunning, versatility being the factor which gives the hairstyles diversity. Styling the hair differently as often as possible helps avoid entering a routine as this may make your hairstyle appear boring at one point.

Rock chick hairstyles all have something in common, and that is style. This type of hairstyles look stunning and hot as there has always been a certain “je ne sais quoi” about them. With a certain messy, bed head, careless look, rock chick hairstyles attract attention like a magnet.

One of the best things about this type of hairstyles is that they can be styled on all hair types, depending on personal preference. Because rock chick hairstyles and attire are very popular this season, many celebrities can be taken as a source of inspiration for this style. Here are some of the most popular rock chick hairstyles this year so you can look stunning every time you wish:

Rock chick Rock chick

Straight hairstyles can look very rock chic with a little bit of styling as there is something very sexy about straight hair. Bedhead hairstyles as well as dirty looking hair looks fabulous. Remember that the hair needs to be styled to look this way, you can’t just wake up with this type of hairstyles.

A little bit of texturizer hairstyling product should be sufficient to create this type of hairstyle on straight hair. The longer the hair, the better the result, so try to grow out your hair for the new rocker chic style, as long hairstyles are more versatile and look incredibly hot.

Short rock chick hairstyles look absolutely fabulous on straight hair as the cut and the style will be well defined and highly visible. Opt for a cut that has longer hair cut on top to be able to style the hair differently more often. Side swept bangs that are cut longer than the rest of the hair look fabulous and chic this year.

rock chic

Wavy or curly hairstyles have a certain innocence about them but with a little bit of styling a lovely rock chick hairstyle can be created. A bit of hairstyling wax or mousse applied on freshly washed hair can create a lovely rock chick hairstyle on long hair as this is the best hair length for wavy or curly hair. Short curly hairstyles are a bit more difficult to style than short straight hairstyles, so choose a longer length for curly hairstyles. Allow the hair to fall loose around the face or pull it back into a loose low ponytail hairstyle and you will look fabulous.

Pulled up hairstyles featuring a braided loose hair strand looks absolutely fabulous and stylish. A rock chick hairstyle suitable for long straight or curly hairstyles is very easy to create. Side swept straight bangs look perfect with this type of hairstyle, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.