Retro hairstyles are not for everyone. You need to find yourself in this unique hairstyle that can totally change not only your outer look, but also your inner feelings. As a well-chosen retro hairstyle can become a real self-confidence booster, you should be 100% sure that you are able to rock this trend. Retro means stylish, sophisticated, chic, mysterious, and adds a little bit more substance and depth to your look. This season it’s time to shine and reveal the feminine, yet strong side of your personality choosing a stunning retro hairstyle.

’50s vamps are back in town with a stylish retro hairstyle. You just need technique and a great curling iron. You can make these sexy waves yourself or you can ask your best friend to do it. If none of these two variants are trustworthy, you can go to a salon. The beautiful, smooth locks that frame the face add a refined movement, while a healthy, shiny hair brings radiance to your face. This is the perfect choice if you are looking for something elegant and glamorous in order to surprise everyone to the next party you are going to. Retro ’50s waves are a chic option when having to attend a more special, formal event without giving the impression of a too studied hairstyle.

As the ’70s seem to be a basic source of inspiration for fall/winter 2010 in matters of fashion trends, why not adopt the head-to-toe look with some amazing ’70s waves. For this, Farrah Fawcett’s iconic feathered hairstyle is the starting point. Simple yet glam, this is a fabulous choice that adds volume and refreshes your hairstyle.

Even if at first sight it might look a bit complicated, in reality you just need some basic styling skills and the right tools. Start by washing your hair. Then, take a blow dryer and a round brush. The size of the brush is up to you depending on how large you want the curls to be. Blow dry the hair and once you get to the sides and front, roll your brush backwards, going away from your face. Once you have finished, run your fingers through your hair and apply some hairspray.

Volume into our hair is the key word for fall/winter 2010. Whether you have medium or long hair, backcombed hairstyles are totally “in” this season. The ’60s backcombed hairstyles bring some extravagance and elegance among so many different trends. Take sections of hair, backcomb and smooth out using a bristle hair brush. As a final step, apply some hairspray. On fine hair, try to stay away from strong-hold hair products as they only weigh the hair down resulting a really unwanted hairstyle. If you have curly hair, before backcombing you need to get a smooth look using a hair straightener.

When it comes to retro chignons, there are so many different versions. Special occasions require special hairstyles. Well, a beautiful, chic retro bun will always represent that unique choice that will draw all the attention. Go for a more interesting style with unrepeatable lines and curves. It might take some time to make it, but the result will be more than stunning. Moreover, the clean lines will add a sweet touch to your look. If you are going to a more special party and you want to stand out, choose a higher chignon.

For a maximum effect, add a chic accessory, such as a ribbon. As the face is free, remember to pay a lot of attention to your makeup. You can emphasize your eyes using an eyeliner and choose a matte, pink lipstick.

The already famous bowl cut is one of the hottest trends for fall/winter 2010, coming in so many different versions, even in a ’60s style. Just like every short hair, the bowl cut is characterized by versatility that allows you to play with different styles. Moreover, if you have a beautiful blonde hair color, you’ll get a feminine, sweet look. This type of hairstyle looks amazing when it’s glossy and shiny. For this, you can use a shine spray that you should blast-dry throughout the hair. You can also update the ’60s bowl cut going for a little bit of asymmetry.