The versatile bob hairstyles earned their well-deserved merits this year. Indeed, as one of the hairdos that occupy the top position on the popularity list, the bob managed to determine even the most long-hair devotees to cut their strands. 

Medium locks might seem a bit too simplified for those who engage into real styling adventures, however it seems that this do is equally ideal to be revolutionized and dressed into different designs.

 If you are skilled enough, you can do the changes yourself, on the other hand those who contact professionals will also enjoy the versatile forms this hairstyle can take.

Curls paired with a similar hairdo will echo the past decades and the years of glam and high-brow chic. There’s nothing more inspiring than to sport the styles great Hollywood divas and muses worn. 

The boring days might be perfectly jazzed up with these retro curly bob hairstyles perfect for ceremonial and less informal looks too.

The ’50s hairstyle seems to recruit just as many fans in modern times as it did in the past. Indeed, adding a classy flair to our look is best achieved with these polished and romantic waves. The bob haircut perfectly emphasizes the finesse of the curly locks both when left looser and relaxed or ultra-defined. The best way to find the style that flatters our look is to match it with our face shape and prominent features. Depending on personal preferences, the glam hairdo can be either parted on the side or in the middle. Wavy bob hairstyles will serve as perfect solutions to hide a large forehead or on the contrary to accentuate the sparkling eyes.

Bangs can also contribute to the overall fabulous retro effect of the hairstyle. Whether you decide to sport it sleek or blended into the rest of the waves the trick is to choose the one that emphasizes your best assets. Styling your bangs can be great fun if you find out how to juggle with strands and implicitly with proportions.

Side-swept or blunt, straight or curly, this hairstyle seems to work for all these types and offers unlimited options to live out our most dramatic hair dressing fantasies. Those who are reluctant to cut their strands into bangs might also use their skills and a few bobby pins to create the Faux bang hairdo which creates the illusion of sporting this hair accessory, however there’s no need to make the cut to achieve it.

In order to adopt this style and still maintain the modern look it is recommended to experiment with the different styling options and also with colors. There’s no limit in styling your strands especially when you are flirting with the idea of sporting a hybrid hairdo that bares both the signs of retro times or that of the contemporary hair dressing evolution.

Use hair rollers or simply scrunch your hair to create either a more natural or glam look. Add a unique shape to your tresses, sport a worth-admiring do with all the traits that reflect your personality and sophisticated hair styling mastery.