It is well known the fact that a beautiful hairstyle requires a healthy and shiny hair. Therefore, before choosing the ideal holiday hairstyle, you should first make sure that your hair is in perfect condition. Trim and get rid of split ends in time and apply a nourishing mask. Moreover, if you have dyed hair, you can refresh the color before the holidays. Well, the best trick when it comes to quick and easy holiday hairstyles is not to over-exaggerate with the styling products used. You can still keep up with the trends using just the necessary tools and products.

When having to make a choice regarding the holiday hairstyle, your need to consider a few basic elements. First of all, the outfit you are wearing is one important thing to take into consideration when making the decision. Then, the hairstyle you choose has to flatter your face shape and features. Therefore, it is essential to keep in mind that high buns are unflattering for oblong faces, while a square face needs soft, gentle curls to sweeten its sharp look. Besides all these, the place where you are spending Christmas or New Year’s Eve is an essential element to take into consideration.

You have long hair and you want a quick and easy holiday hairstyle that doesn’t require too much effort? A chic, elegant chignon is the answer. This shouldn’t be very studied and perfect, but rather loose. You’ll certainly look sensational in no time. Make a tousled updo and leave a few waves to frame your face. Twist your hair into a low, tousled coil and secure it into place using some hairpins. When it comes to updos, there are a myriad of variants for you tho choose, whether you go for a wet look or a backcombed one for you to rock a special holiday event. If the location allows you to, choose a braided chignon.

Long hair is not necessary for you to look gorgeous for holidays. Therefore, a short crop can easily be styled and reinvented using just a brush or the curling iron. Now it’s the perfect time for you to have fun with styling and transform short haircuts into a real style statement creating a beautiful wavy or curly texture. You can be bold and get a high-impact look matching a daring makeup for both lips and eyes. Moreover, you can add a precious hair accessory such as a tiara, a fine headband, or a hairpin.

A special role plays the color of your hair as you can obtain amazing special effects with a platinum blonde or a sexy red. These colors work perfectly for a retro waved hairstyle. If you have a long short crop, you can choose to smooth the longer sections or, on the contrary, curl them.

The classic bob, reinvented in all its possible shapes and styles, allows you to get a quick and easy holiday hairstyle without using too many tools or styling products. The best thing about the timeless bob is that it flatters everyone as long as it is tailored to suit you. If you have a graphic boxy bob, you can play the dramatic part with a sharp, shiny and straight bob. You just need a hair straightener and some spray for shiny hair. If you have a multi-layered bob with hair shorter at the back and a little bit longer at the front, you can add some soft waves into it.

For those of you who have longer hair, a bidi would instantaneously transform you into the sexiest girl at the party. You just have to add mega volume to your hair. Wash your hair using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Then, with a round brush and a blow dryer take sections of hair and dry them. Next, with a curling iron make beautiful curls. If you want a softer look, simply run your fingers through the curls and apply some spray for shine. On the other hand, if what you want is something messier, tip your head upside down and tousle.

Beautiful long hair can look gorgeous and glossy with a minimum amount of effort. You have numerous possibilities, whether you choose to go for the sleek and shiny look or the wavy or curly one. For straight hair, you can make an extremely sweet twist by taking a front section, twist it backwards and secure it behind your ear. If you do it properly, the wavy look can be the easiest and the quickest way to obtain a glamorous, elegant holiday hairstyle. Whether you choose a middle or a side parting, you can still get the ladylike look in no time. In this case, your best friend becomes the medium-barreled curling iron. Depending on the result your want to obtain, there are so many different versions, whether we are talking about soft waves, tousled, or very chic and dressed down waves. Either way, for a luxurious effect, don’t forget to give a bouncy body to your hair and spray a mist of shine spray.

If you are looking for s compromise and you are not so much into the updo look, the demi-up is for you. This is one hairstyle that works great for both long and medium-length hair. It is s very flattering choice regardless your face shape, especially due to the volume added at the crown of the head. If the event and the location allows you to, you can choose more creative ways to style your hair, such as a romantic braid, a glamorous ponytail, or different hair accessories for you to upgrade the look.