Punk Mohawk

The Mohawk hairstyle is done in the following way: shave both sides of your head leaving a narrow or wider strip of longer hair running to the back of your head. This hairstyle became popular not only among punks, but also in mainstream culture. It gives you many styling options, you can make it pointing straight up and color it in endless shades. Vivid hair colors are signature traits of punks.

However, it is a high maintenance hairstyle, routine shaving is required in order to keep the actual style of your hair. Style your hair with the help of extra strong hold hair spray and a blow dryer, when drying move from root to tip.

If you give yourself 15 minutes to style it everyday, it can look great for weeks. Play with the length and style it without getting bored of your Mohawk, short and spiky or long and pointy, it looks cool either ways.

The Windswept Look

It is in fact the easiest hairstyle that punks prefer. There’s no instruction for doing it, you simply let your hair loose, without any additional styling. Rock stars are fans of this hairdo due to its low maintenance. This hairstyle can be cheered up by neon and other vivid colors, experiment with different shades.

Skate Punk

Kelly Osborne was a huge fan of this particular hairstyle, in fact she contributed to its definition. The asymmetrically cut hair is dyed likewise, opting for this hairdo you can have an extreme but at the same time girlie look. Style it with gel, spiking and highlighting the tips.

Horror Punk Hairstyles

This hairstyle resembles the Gothic look, the popular dying color is blue-black or uniform black. The spikes are formed similarly to the Mohawk style, the result is the horn punk hairstyle.