There has always been an attraction related to punk hairstyle, probably due to the “bad attitude” given off by the cut. Because this type of hairstyle was considered very daring, many women did not dare to opt for a punk hairstyle. Going short as a woman can be pretty scary, but this year so many women and celebrities decided to let their inhibitions go and give the short cuts a chance.

Because going short is not an option for everyone, hairstylists have created beautiful punk hairstyles on medium as well an on long hairstyles. It is the cut which gives the edge and the cool look to the hairstyle, so punk hairstyles don’t keep count of hair length anymore.

Punk short Punk Hair punk short Punk

Hairstylists have created a variety of stylish short haircuts which suit women perfectly, so short hairstyles have become one of the most popular hairstyles of the year. Punk hairstyles have a bit more of a twist implemented through the cut and the new hair cutting techniques give an amazing look to the finished hairstyle, depending on the desired result.

For women who love punk hairstyles, but still want to maintain a feminine look, hairstyles that are cut longer on top and shorter on the sides are a great option as they offer more versatility to the style. Faux-hawks as well as side swept pointy bangs that cover a bit of the forehead look great with short punk hairstyles. Choose the length that works best for you and your face shape. Oval face shapes work best with short hairstyles, so round face shapes should avoid going short as short hairstyles frame the face and emphasize the features.

Punk hairstyle Punk hairstyle Punk hairstyle punk

Medium length and long hairstyles look gorgeous with punk cuts. Choppy layers and sharp cuts give this hair length the punk style they need. The new punk hairstyles can have blunt bangs created on straight layered messy tresses. For a very distinct look go for the razor cut hair on the side of the head and braid a Mohawk on top of your head. This is a show stopping hairstyle that attracts attention like a magnet.

Choose a natural hair color or highlight your hair using your favorite hair highlight color as hair highlights will give your hair an extra twist and emphasize the cut. Punk hairstyles look absolutely fabulous, so if you love this type of hairstyle don’t hesitate to choose one that suits your personality best.