It seems that the bob is still maintaining its popularity due to the fact that this low maintenance hairstyle exudes a powerful amount of sexiness and style. Choosing a hairstyle that doesn’t require too much styling time appeals to most women as the times we are living in seem to be set on fast forward making time precious.

Another great thing about bob hairstyles is the fact that they come in a variety of styles. There are a number of fabulous popular bob hairstyle ideas to choose from, which are meant to suit women with different facial features. Taking the face shape and hair type into account when choosing a bob hairstyle is a must as not all face shapes can pull off all types of bob hairstyles. Women with sleek straight hair usually benefit best from this type of hairstyles but that doesn’t mean that women with a wavy hair type don’t look gorgeous as well.

The new hair styling products and techniques allow women to be versatile when it comes to hair styling creating super cool wavy bob hairstyles, braided hairstyles, curly bob hairstyles, flipped out hairstyles and so on. Because choosing the right bob hairstyle can be quite difficult, we have selected some of the most amazing and popular bob hairstyles meant to inspire you:

concave bob inverted bob

Inverted or concave bob hairstyles The inverted bob is one of the most stylish and popular hairstyles of all due to the way the hair is cut. This type of bob is tapered shorter in the back and longer in the front, creating a very modern look which appeals to most women. The different lengths of the hair can be adjusted to suit your personal preference and style as not all women benefit from the same hair length. Choose to inspire yourself from celebrities who rocked this type of bob hairstyle such as Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Kelly Clarkson, as they looked fabulous with their inverted bob.

The asymmetrical cut of the hair will help you attract attention towards your neckline, allowing you to create a lengthening effect for your neck. This type of hairstyle works best with sleek straight hair as the hair’s sleekness enhances the cut of the hair but Rihanna managed to show that curly concave bob hairstyles can too look absolutely amazing if styled right. Incorporating bangs into this type of bob hairstyle can only be beneficial as bangs offer your tresses an instant transformation which will draw attention to your facial features.

classic bob hairstyle vintage waves bob hairstyle

Classic bob hairstyles The classic bob hairstyle looks fabulous and helps create a certain vintage look which will enhance your natural beauty. The classic bob hairstyle is usually cut around the jaw line to soften the facial features and define the lines of the face. This type of bob hairstyle is not for everyone as the blunt cut of the hair attracts attention to the facial features like a magnet. It is absolutely essential to have sleek straight tresses when choosing this cut as only sleek straight hair can pull off such a fabulous blunt haircut.

Straight across cut bangs can offer this type of hairstyle a little bit of a twist as the bangs will beautifully frame the face, enhancing the hair’s fabulous style. Vintage waves incorporated into this type of cut can emphasize the vintage look of the hairstyle and will help you look stunning at formal occasions.

long bob long bob

Long bob hairstyles Because not everyone can pull off a shorter cut, long bob hairstyles come to offer women a stylish bob hairstyle that maintains a shoulder length of the hair. This type of hair length offers a variety of advantages and is perfect for women with sleek straight hair. A blunt cut of the hair creates a fabulous look which helps soften the facial features. Choose a center part or choose to incorporate straight across cut bangs into your long bob hairstyle and you will look amazing without having to spend too much time styling your hair.