Fun, eye-popping pink hair highlights are perfect to add a bit of edge to your dark hair color. Make a hairstyle statement by choosing pink highlights for brown hair color, paying attention to details: it is important that your new pink highlights compliment your skin tone and personality. Right now there is a wide variety of semi, or temporary pink hair dyes to choose from.

Pink Highlights in Brown Hair: with Alterna Stylist

The Alterna Stylist 1 Night Highlights temporary hair color mouse in Haute Pink is the ideal tool to try pink highlights on your brown locks! It’s the fastest route to pink highlights, as it dries in a minute and won’t flake or rub off, even when brushed. The Alterna Stylist Haute Pink temporary hair dye is ideal for light brown hair tones and will stay on until shampooed out. This temporary formula doesn’t use harsh chemicals, so it’s gentle on your hair.

Brown Hair With Pink HighlightsThin Pink Highlights On Brunette Hair

Pink Hair Highlights: with Hair Color Chalk

Hair Color chalk is the latest best temporary hair coloring product! With this product, you can easily chalk your hair by rubbing the color to your hair, no other tools needed. You can do it at home by yourself. From the original hair chalking pastels we recommend Profess Xtra L Chalk Pack in Hot Pink. This hair color rub is easy to use and with great adhesiveness too, so your pink highlights won’t wash off your hair easily. They will keep for one or two days until you wash your hair!

Hair Dyes For Pink Highlights

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Multiple Pink Hair HighlightsPink Hair Highlights Hairstyle

Hot Pink Highlights in Brown Hair: Manic Panic Dye Hard

Manic Panic Dyehard Gel is a thick opaque temporary hair color styling gel available in an easy to use squeeze tube. This formula may be used for styling as well as coloring, and it is ideal for those of you who seek color without ‘commitment’. The Manic Panic Electric Flamingo: Neon pink shade is perfect for brown hair. This pink hair dye is so vivid that if you apply it to dark hair it will show up. It also glows under black light!

Pink Ombre Hair With BrownPink Dip Dye Hair Color

Pink Hair Highlights for Brown Hair: Manic Panic Semi-Permanent

Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream is available in Hot Pink and Cotton Candy. These semi-permanent hair dyes are some of the best pink highlight colors around. Manic Panic’s formula works best on light brown hair, giving electrifying results. On dark brown hair these pink shades give stunning highlights as well. For better results pre-lighten your hair first. The color lasts 4-6 weeks, sometimes more, and fades gradually with shampooing. 

Photos: Hooker & Young, Schwarzkopf, Tony & Guy