Highlights are a great way to experiment with a lot of different hair colors you might not normally use to create a fun and creative hairstyle. Whether you opt for conventional hair colors to bring some excitement to your hairstyle or you decide to make a statement using funky, vibrant colors, highlighting your hair can give you a tremendous amount of opportunities to highlight your best features and to create jaw dropping hairstyles. Depending on the area were you want your highlights to be as well as the amount of hair you want to highlight you can choose from different highlighting techniques such as foiling, slicing, frosting, painting or chunking.

Peek a boo highlights, also called hidden highlights, are placed away from the hair lines and they tend to become visible only when the hair moves or when the tresses are styled in a certain way. These highlights are often applied randomly throughout the hair through the painting technique. This relatively new highlighting technique can be one of the easiest ways to add drama to any hairstyle if the right choices are made. Due to the fact that various colors can be applied in different parts of the hair, a funky, eclectic look can be easily created.

Aside from creating an interesting hairstyle, peek a boo highlights also have another important advantage that might be useful for those who are afraid of ruining their tresses with frequent hair dyeing. Peek a boo highlights do not require bleaches, so they are less damaging to your tresses. Since the highlights are not applied directly to the hair root, you will also avoid additional expenses such as root touch ups as these hairstyles require little maintenance. Although getting these highlights at home might sound like an easy task, it is not recommended to try to get this look at home. Turning to the services of an experienced hair colorist who is up to date with the latest hair coloring techniques is a much wiser option.

To ensure the success of the highlighting process you will have to make a clear mental picture of the areas you want to highlight as well as the level of visibility you want these highlights to have. You can create many different styles with varying degrees of boldness to suit a large palette of needs and preferences. Either way, these highlights will add dimension and depth to conventional hairstyles making your tresses appear thicker and increasing natural hair volume instantly.

Whether you opt for a funky hairstyle or you use peek a boo highlights as a more affordable option to conventional highlighting techniques, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that you won’t need to change your hair care rituals in order to sport this look. While using a color enhancing shampoo might be a good idea you will not have to worry about adopting any other changes. The styling possibilities that come with this style change are numerous and extremely exciting. Depending on where you have chosen to place the highlights, you have several options to create exciting hairstyles.

Although this is a relatively new highlighting technique, this idea is quickly catching on due to its obvious and undeniable advantages as well as the interesting and funky hairstyles that can be obtained by adopting this simple technique. While this idea might be more popular among teenagers, women of all ages can benefit from this simple yet highly effective process whenever they need a style boost or they simply feel the need to make simple, yet powerful changes but are unwilling to give up hair length.