Experiment with a subtle or more dramatic color change during the warm season. These on-trend hair color ideas offer you an insight into the latest trends in contemporary hair dyeing techniques. Chemically treated locks can look plain and lifeless if you work with low-quality products or you forget to use a few color-protective formulas.

Learn the basics of hair care and guarantee the successful outcome of your transformation by making an appointment at your favorite beauty parlor.

If you have the courage to tint all your locks with a new shade, use a permanent or semi-permanent coloring formula. On the other hand, if you want to see the gradual transition from one tone to the other, experiment with highlights. 

Match the right hues to your skin tone and personality. Check out the professionally-inspired hair coloring examples below and give an instant vitality boost to your strands.

Highlights for Brunette Hair 2012Hair by Hannah GordonBrunette Hair Coloring Ideas 2012Hair by Inanch LondonBrunette Hair Color Ideas Summer 2012Hair by LockonegoBrown Hair Color 2012 TrendsHair by Paul Mitchell

Full head hair coloring screams for attitude and courage. Make a long-term commitment to a brand new shade if you’re ready for a dramatic makeover. Allow your stylist to tint all your locks with a bright or more natural-looking color. In order to achieve your dream hue, your stylist will combine various shades. Ask for his help to give you an idea on where to look for the most flattering shades. See the amazing repertoire of red, blonde and brunette shades everyone can rock regardless of age and hair texture. Swap your natural shade for an amazing hue which gives natural radiance and definition to your locks. Analyze your complexion and see which of these head-turning colors suit your skin tone.

Red Hair Color 2012Hair by HeadmastersRed Hair Color Shades for 2012Hair by Saint AlgueRed Dip Dye Hair Color 2012Hair by Anne Veck SalonsRed Hair Color TrendsHair by Mark Leeson

Technicolor hair looks also stunning especially when created by a hair stylist. Using different techniques, colorists can bring out the most of your base tone with matching or contrastive highlights. To look edgy and voguish experiment with a multitude of purple, pink and red shades. These colors will add an instant glam boost to your hairdo. However, you can also keep things classy with blonde or brunette shades which preserve the natural look of your style. Your alternatives to get creative are literally infinite. First, select your fave shade than find the best professional colorist who can grant you with a new and updated look.

Pastel Blonde Hair Color 2012Hair by Amy Barrington for TigiBlonde Hair Colored BangsHair by Karine JacksonBlonde Hair Color Shade 2012 TrendsHair by Franck ProvostMulti Blonde Hair ColorHair by Fabio Salsa