In the last few seasons we’ve witnessed all kinds of trends involving the contrast between light shades and dark hair colors. Whether we became accustomed with blonette hairstyles or we’ve been taken by surprise by the blonde hairstyles with dark roots trend, we have become more aware of the possibilities we have if this principle is one that appeals to our sense of style.

The ombre hair trend falls within the same zone as these trends, but allows us to see this contrast from a different perspective.

Basically, ombre hair refers to gradual color changes trough the hair where the bottom of the hair is lighter compared to the hair roots. The contrast between the lightly colored hair ends and the dark roots is no longer a sign of unkempt hair color, but instead shows a relaxed attitude towards styling where perfection is no longer a necessary attribute.

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If summer highlights were part of your signature last season, you should be able to adopt this look with extreme ease. However, if you truly want to master this look, you should try to make sure that the transition between the two colors is made naturally. This type of hairstyle has the added benefit of softening harsh facial angles, so if you are thinking about a style change, you should also take this into account to be able to find the best solution for your tresses. While this look might seem easy to create, making this style look intentional is a lot harder than it might seem at a first glance.

From selecting the right shade for your tresses to choosing the most suitable highlighting technique, each and every aspect of creating this look should be carefully analyzed to be able to get the best results. Many hairstylists paint these highlights by hand to create the natural effect. Depending on the hair length, this process can be time consuming, but the results tend to be superior.

This look can be quite flexible, so you can adapt this trend to your personal preferences. You can go for a soft look with only a few subtle highlights or you can try a more dramatic approach with chunkier highlights that create a bigger contrast. However, once you get this look, you can save time and money on salon visits as you will not need regular touch ups to be able to sport this look. On the other hand, maintaining this look might require some changes in your hair care routine.

Switching to a sulfate free shampoo, washing your tresses every other day and investing in a couple of hair products that have restorative properties and that repair hair damage caused by hair dyeing over time are some of the basic recommendations you should keep in mind if you decide to make the change.

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Despite the fact that this look is not an innovative one and the new elements that were added to this look are not very surprising, this trend can stir up a lot of controversy. While making this trend look intentional is an important part of feeling comfortable with this choice, another important aspect that will determine whether you should embrace this trend or not is your attitude towards change. If you sported two tones looks before, the transition will seem like a natural one, while if you are just experimenting with this look, you might need time to get used to the changes.

Considering the increasing number of celebrities that have already adopted this trend in one way or another it becomes relatively obvious that this trend is here to stay for the season, so we are likely to see a lot of different variations of this trend. If you are thinking about a style change but you want a low maintenance yet fashionable look, you should take into account this interesting style suggestion.