Ever since the bob was developed the hair styling industry has been confronting with a massive demand for this stylish look. This high demand for the stylish haircut has lead to the constant changes and improvements brought to the style over the years. If you are looking for a new trendy bob hairstyle, brace yourself as you will discover countless versions of this flattering and versatile length.

There are several hair cutting techniques which can help achieve a different looking bob hairstyle to perfectly suit your style, personality and face shape.

Women have always had a penchant for medium length tresses as they offer a perfect balance between versatility and maintenance. Maintaining the hair in tip-top shape with a minimum effort has been a goal hard to meet, but hair stylists have tried their best in creating hairstyles which don’t require too much hassle to look great. Among these styles you will find the new trendy bob hairstyles and their many versions.

Hair by Christel LundqvistHair by John CarneHair by Christel LundqvistHair by Mark Leeson

Softly layered bob hairstyles look amazing and pose as a perfect option for women with a fine hair types. Layers will help the bob receive the right amount of volume and shape. You definitely don’t want a flat, limp looking hairstyle so emphasize your precious locks through the cut and the use of volumizing products.

Blunt cut bob hairstyles look amazing and can offer you that mysterious and fashion-forward look you’ve been searching for. Opting to have sharp lines cut into your hair makes blunt cut bob hairstyles perfect for all ages, all you need to do is select the perfect length for you. To give your look a little bit of a mysterious allure add blunt cut bangs and you will most definitely attract all the attention. In case bangs don’t suit your face shape opt for a simple blunt cut which features a center parting.

Hair by Paterson SAHair by Revlon ProfessionalHair by GoldwellHair by Royston Blythe

If what you’re looking for leans more towards uniqueness with a touch of edginess, asymmetric cut bob hairstyles are your target. You can opt to cut the hair shorter on one side while allowing the other side to remain longer or you can opt to add asymmetrically cut bangs to your cool looking bob. However, this hairdo works only if created on a sleek straight hair as its texture helps underline the cut, emphasizing the style.

Hair at HobsHair by Andrea BeersHair by Jo HansfordHair by Jean Louis David