The fabulous slicked-back hairstyles brightened up the atmosphere on the New York Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2009/2010. The breath-taking shows portrayed the models with licked and gelled curls paired both with casual and more high-brow outfits. Exposing the facial features is a central theme of the next year that can be stylishly sported even during the next season.

Start experimenting with the unlimited designs that will totally change your look. Follow the basic guidelines to create hair styling wonders with the help of a little fixing solution and your fingers. Bring the best out of your appearance with a slicked-back hairdo envied by millions. Take a peek at the newest trend of smooth and refined updos and down-dos that charmed the great fashion-conscious public.

Slicked-Back Updo Slicked-Back Updo Slicked-Back Updo

Slick-backed updos enter the Hall of Fame of latest hairstyles. Radiating confidence with a tint of Bond girlish sex-appeal, these hairdos are sported both by celebrities and people on the street. Hair stylists offer either a side or a center parting to create the slicked-back effect. Whether you leave your hair super-sleek or will opt for cascading curls use your creativity to flash your healthy and naturally shiny strands.

Due to their glamorous quality these are perfect red carpet dos that can be also turned into a stylish ceremonial hairstyles. Whether you wish to keep its uber-neat condition or you would rather dress it down a bit with some loose tresses, the point is to emphasize your best features.

Slicked-Back Downdo Slicked-Back Downdo Slicked-Back Downdo

What could flash more spectacularly the health of your locks than a voguish slicked back donw-do. Those who find pleasure in showing off with their free-flowing hair can opt for these hairstyles. Down-dos are no.1 hairstyles both for formal and casual occasions.

The polished look is created with the help of some gel and in order to avoid the greasy look make sure that you use the proper amount of it. A drop of shine serum will do miracles with your hairstyle. If your follicles don’t have the proper condition this product will offer the effect to fake the glam. Look for serums at the local store, however take care of selecting the one that is designed for your hair type to avoid the oily effect.

Slicked-Back Short Hair Slicked-Back Short Hair Slicked-Back Short Hair

Short hair looks just as fabulous with this hair styling technique. The slicked-back strands offer texture and volume to the whole hairstyle. Rihanna is undoubtedly the greatest fan of this style sported more and more often at red carpet event. Choose the one that best fits your preferences and add a special flair to it by creating a nice quiff or pinning a nice hair accessory to dress up your look.