All hail the inventor of the bob as this timeless crop has the power to transform you from brassy to classy in an instant. The new season bob hairstyles in 2012 take an aim at softening and underlining the facial features, so take a peek at the following styles and draw inspiration for your new season iconic look!

Some hairstyles seem to get even more beautiful as time passes as the new hair cutting techniques pay attention to the tiniest details. Bob hairstyles are some of the styles that never lose their elegance and the new season bob hairstyles for 2012 demonstrate the IT factor these fabulous crops have, IT factor that helped the bob stay in the top hairstyle trends for close to a century.

This year, the bob is the queen of the crops as the new bob hairstyles created in 2012 are fun, glamorous and chic. One of the best thing about the bob is its versatility and you'll be amazed by the different effects you can achieve with this cut.

Vintage Glam Bobs

Hair by Franck ProvostHair by kpOchsHair by SeanHannaHair by Lockonego

The vintage bob that features the perfect length and that has a certain romanticism revolving around it is a perfect choice for the ladies that want a very chic and ultra seductive, modern look. After choosing the perfect bob length for you give your brand new haircut an injection of glamor by opting for plenty of texture. Whether you're all about generous curls, mixed curly/sleek looks, soft waves or a modern frizzy texture, your bob will look fantastic every time. Playing around with your hair texture enables you to achieve a new and sensational look every time, which will most definitely help you become a hair style icon among your friends.

Blunt/Asymmetric Bobs

Hair by AestheticsHair by Francesco GroupHair by Sassoon SalonHair by Hype Coiffure

The 'little black dress' in the world of hairstyles, the bob, has managed to enter the contemporary world through the help of ingenious cuts. Treat yourself with a bob featuring some extreme shaping for a totally new, fashion-forward look. Keep your new bob haircut sleek straight to underline the fabulous cut that makes the delice of your look. This is a perfect look for women who want to make a statement and underline their uniqueness, so crown your look by turning towards various bangs that can be easily incorporated and that make this cut extra special.
Get classy with a lovely long bob hairstyle that incorporated either a blunt or a soft layered cut. Regardless of your choice, as not all face shapes benefit from the same cut, your hair will look super fabulous especially when the perfect hair texture is added to the cut. From slightly tousled to soft waved and sleek straight anything works with this bob hair length, so experiment and make the best out of your locks.

Long/Layered Cut Bobs

Hair by Cutting Room CreativeHair by RevlonHair by Tracey HughesHair by Unknown