It seems that hairstylists are constantly trying to reinvent hairstyles so new looks can be obtained, looks which suit perfectly the new fashion trends. Braided hairstyles seem to be the most versatile option hairstylists have when it comes to developing new fabulous looking hairstyles and this spring season a new braided hairstyle trend: Sass & Bide style has captured everyone’s attention.

Braided hairstyles look absolutely dazzling if styled right and there are a variety of hair braiding techniques to choose from. Sass & Bide hairstylists seem to have taken the beauty of the French braids and combined it with the beauty of fabulous bun hairstyles. This combo looks fabulous and uber-stylish, so it represents a perfect option for women who don’t mind being the center of attention, women with a powerful personality and obviously a long hair length.

Long hairstyles are highly versatile and the new braided hairstyle trend: Sass & Bide style manages to underline beautifully this versatility. Two individual French braids created on the back on the head heading upwards and finishing in a lovely top messy bun, give the edgy stylish look of the new Sass & Bide hairstyle.

This type of hairstyle can be created on all hair types from curly to straight with the condition that the hair has enough length to allow the hair style to be styled properly. Creating this new trendy and edgy braided hairstyle will require a little bit of skill as well as some help as braiding the hair from the back is not easy. A little bit of hair styling time will be required but the effort deposited will be well worth the result!

In order to recreate this amazingly stylish hairstyle you will need a little bit of skill or the help of a friend, a hair elastic, hairspray and optionally a few bobby pins. Flip your head down and use a rat tail comb to part the hair into two section from the top of the head towards the neck. Using the tail of the rat tail comb separate thin hair strands which you will use to style a French braid starting from the neck and working your way up. Once you reach the top of the head pin the braid close to the scalp so it wont come loose and start braiding the other section of hair the same way.

When you have finished braiding the hair join the two braids and create a messy bun hairstyle securing the bun using the hair elastic and bobby pins optionally. Set the hair in place using a touch of hairspray and you will most definitely look stunning!

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