Hold on to your fondness for stylish haircuts that reflect your beauty-awareness. Let the new bob hairstyles for 2012 provide you with a wide source of inspiration for your upcoming makeover. Make a dazzling beauty investment and get rid of unmanageable texture and worn-out locks in an instant.

Next year is about versatility and attitude. Therefore, prep your tresses for the ultimate transformation. Team up the classy structure of your bob with an eye-catching hair color and hit the boardwalk with your sophisticated hairdo.

Medium Layered Hairstyleby Stefie JonesMedium Layered Hairstyleby LorealMedium Layered Hairstyleby WellaMedium Layered Hairstyleby Hairbenders

Welcome the new wave of midi crops with open arms. Showcase your creativity and add a modern flair to your bob cut. Opt for asymmetry to inject natural movement into your tresses. Find unique styling tricks that can turn your do into a real accessory. Sculpt your hair with conscience and don’t be afraid to copycat these professionally inspired looks. Move away from plain hair designs and make the first step towards becoming a real trailblazer. Arm up yourself with a dazzling styling kit that includes high street products and the best tools.

Medium Layered Hairstyleby Great LengthsMedium Layered Hairstyleby NikitaMedium Layered Hairstyleby KellerMedium Layered Hairstyleby Great Lengths

Boxy silhouettes can also make a memorable impression. If you’re not afraid of standing out from the crowd, make sure you skim through the most inspiring blunt bob hairstyles presented here. Complete your uniform crop with a daring fringe. Provide your features with the best frame and use your styling skills to preserve the neat texture of your bobbed ‘do. A high quality flat iron can be your best friend when styling a similar geometrical bob. Guarantee the scene-stealing effect of your haircut with a spritz of shine spray.

Medium Bob Hair Styleby Gerard HairdressingMedium Layered Hair Styleby Stuhr InterschoolMedium Bob Hair Styleby Mark LeesonMedium Layered Hair Styleby Hair Factory