Give a live-in feel to your locks with a brand new style. Take a closer look at these new blunt bangs ideas and see whether drama is what your tresses need this season. Opt for geometrical and boxy silhouettes if you’re not afraid to take a modern turn on the classy bob or other modern long hair designs.

Before taking a plunge into your styleover, make sure you consider the thickness and length of your dream fringe. These two factors can actually determine whether a bangs design suit your features or not. Ask for professional help if you don’t trust your beauty skills. Add flawless finish to your amazing hairdo with shine serum and smoothing cream. Combine various styling products to bring out the most of your polished cut.

Blunt Bangs Hairstyleby Sean BruneauBlunt Bangs Hairstyleby Hooker and YoungBlunt Bangs Hairstyleby Traci SakositsBlunt Bangs Hairstyleby David Robin Munn

See how these models champion the hottest blunt bangs hairstyles and take inspiration from these examples. Provide your face with the perfect frame and sport either a retro chic or the ultra-modern version of boxy cuts depending on your personality. A mini-iron and some styling paste will be your best pals when setting your locks in top shape. Go for flawless texture if you want to rock a sophisitcated and uptown girl-style ‘do. Keep your tresses super-sleek and silky with regular deep-conditioning treatments. However, you can also try your hand at edgy and quirky looks. In this case play with the natural texture of your locks and use a tiny texturising paste to muss up your locks. No doubt asking for a statement fringe is the shortest way to overwhelming success.

Blunt Bangs Haircutby LassanaBlunt Bangs Haircutby RocoBlunt Bangs Haircutby Francesco GroupBlunt Bangs Haircutby Traci Sakosits

The length of your fringe can make a huge difference. Lash-length bangs create a mysterious and cutting-edge impact. Wear your locks in versatile ways to make the most of your natural texture. Thick hair looks stunning with a blunt fringe whereas thin hair can be easily complemented with a short fringe. Consider all your alternatives before making a long term commitment to your new ‘do. Whether you want a low-maintenance do or one that gives you infinite styling options, it is a must to skim through a few illustrative galleries as the one presented above. Take full advantage of the innovative hairdressing techniques to sport an original statement crop.

Blunt Bangs Haircutby Contessa Hair AwardsBlunt Bangs Haircutby Will DarraghBlunt Bangs Haircutby Royston BlytheBlunt Bangs Haircutby Timothy Switzer