All hair stylists agree, one of the smartest methods to get rid of monotony is to change your hair color. Add interest and sheen to your lazy long or chic short strands with a radiant shade. Prepare your locks for the hair dyeing session with deep conditioning treatments. Then select your fave example from these must-try hair coloring ideas. Keep your locks in perfect condition by asking for the help of a professional hair colorist. Make sure you don’t ruin your look by exposing your tresses to low-quality products. Multi-tonal hair designs became top trends of the moment. Therefore, you should think about mix/matching different shades to rock one of these fashion-forward ‘dos.

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Change your hair color depending on your mood. Go glam with the many shades of red, brown and blonde as illustrated below. Choose a color 1-2 tone lighter or darker than your base if you want to make a soft transition from your original shade to a brand new one. Create an amazing composition of shades by teaming up contrasting or complementary colors.

Instead of going your own way and experimenting with different coloring techniques at home, visit a professional salon and go through your options with a professional stylist. Consider your purpose with this transformation. Select dark shades like burgundy, dark copper red or magenta if you want to inject elegance and a mysterious flair into your appearance. On the other hand, if you want to attract immediate attention, you should definitely go for lighter tones like platinum or ash blonde.

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Pick your favorite hair coloring trend and experiment with the ones that suit your preferences. Dip dyeing, full-head coloring, ombre, paneling and highlights all make a smashing visual impact. Be sure your natural-looking shades suit your skin tone. However, if you want to go edgy with a bold and bright hue, it’s not necessary to consider this factor. Choose your hair care and styling products wisely. Incorporate a few color-protective formulas into your beauty kit to maintain the natural radiance and intensity of your shade.

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