The new season is all about individuality and style, so make sure you glam up and get a look that will surely not enable you to go by unnoticed. Hair color is the key to keeping your locks looking interesting and if you’re not all about simplicity, turn towards the help of multi tonal hair color styles that are super hot in 2012.

Various color combos address different hair lengths, so making the perfect choice for you shouldn’t be an easy task. Whether you’re blessed with golden, brown or red hair, there is a complimenting color that will surely make a difference as far as your look goes.

Blonde Multi Tonal Hair ColorHair by Unknown HairstylistHair by Francesco GroupHair by Karine JacksonHair by Ken Picton

In 2012, blondes who want to opt for a multi tonal hair color style should stick to soft shades and avoid bold contrasts for an ultra feminine look. Shades that blend in well create a perfect color union and will make you look perfect regardless of the coloring technique you incline for. Panelling, tone on tone, highlights and lowlights will make wonders for your locks if you choose to add the perfect tone, so look into soft raspberry, light browns, ash or orange tones.

Multi Red Hair ColorHair by Unknown HairstylistHair by D&J AmbroseHair by Rainbow RoomHair by D&J Ambrose

Red hair is maintaining its popularity in 2012 as well, so if you wish to add something new to your red colored locks, turn towards stylish lighter red or brown colored under layers or highlights/lowlights. The subtle contrast will look wonderful and give your red locks a totally different look that will make heads turn. Orange as well as yellow hues benefit most from soft added tones, so try to go for highlights or color panels that are close to your base shade and don’t create a high contrast.

Hair by Gregory KaouaRed and Black Hair ColorHair by Unknown HairstylistMulti-Tonal Brown Hair ColorHair by Unknown HairstylistHair by Rae Palmer

Black and brown hair color however, look amazing when paired with both contrasting and mild color tones, so depending on the result you’re seeking for, you can go soft with mild tones or edgy with high contrasting tones such as fierce red or blonde. If the result you’re seeking leans more towards classic, subtle gold and honey tone highlights will be the perfect choice for you. Professional dyes will help you get the perfect glossy color, so turn towards a professional hair colorist to obtain the desired result without any hair damage.