Curly hair offers a lot versatility when it comes to styling. The development of modern cutting techniques as well as the revolutionary innovations brought by the hair care industry have created a new era where imagination is truly the final frontier when it comes to creating jaw dropping hairstyles. Nowadays the wonderful texture of curly hair has brought a myriad of new possibilities that inspired hairstylists to create hairstyles that can reach the rang of modern art.

All the barriers that used to limit curly hairstyles have been surpassed once the asymmetrical cuts have taken the place of classic haircuts.

If in the past curls where the ultimate expression of femininity, now, especially in the case of medium and short hairstyles, an interesting merge that reminds us of the androgynous style seems to dominate hairstyle trends. After all, the 2010 fashion trends all seem to indicate a strong preference for the female dandy style that was present on all the important runways.

These hairstyles are bold and daring, exuding complete confidence and control as well as representing a strong desire to break the patterns and the norms with something completely new and original.

By combining traditional hair styling techniques with a completely new approach, curly hairstyles have become entirely different. With a playful attitude towards hair volume, updos seem to have lost the sense of sobriety and symmetry that used to surround formal hairstyles.

Perfect symmetry is no longer a standard that a modern hairstyle should meet. Now the combination between sobriety and playfulness or even a mixture between two different hairstyles is perfectly acceptable and sometimes even highly recommended in order to create unique hairstyles.

Whether you like the tousled look or you are directed towards finding an elegant hairstyle that will emphasize your beautiful curls, learning to deal with the problems that naturally curly hair might pose is essential. Frizzy hair is a common problem that needs to be solved in order to ensure the success of any curly hairstyle. Adequate moisture through weekly deep conditioning as well as using high quality hair products with special formulas for curly hair are two basic essential requirements that must be met to be able to enjoy the flexibility that curly tresses provide.

When it comes to modern curly hairstyles, the choices you make are entirely up to you. Whether you choose to embrace your natural hair texture and add definition to your curls or you try a different edgy style that requires a different styling technique for each hair strand, it ultimately depends both on your personality and preferences. In order to be able to establish what hairstyle would best suit your features and your personality you will need to experiment with a variety of styles in the beginning to be able get a more accurate idea of what are the styles that might suit you.

Hair accessories can help you highlight these edgy hairstyles even more by adding a festive or a playful touch depending on the type of accessories you use. Remember modern hairstyles allow a high degree of freedom allowing you to do a lot of variations and to let your creativity guide you towards creating unusual and flattering hair styles. So, next time when you feel that your hair style looks plain and unsatisfying, experiment with some of these hairstyles for an instant makeover that will surely surprise you.