Braided hair styles conquered the public with their classic and at the same time versatile look. Some would choose the traditional French braids others would look for more groovy patterns.

Milkmaid braids undoubtedly maintain their position in the top favorite braided looks especially when presented in a similarly spectacular manner as Oscar de la Renta does in his Spring/Summer 2010 show. The models are illustrating how these accessories can be worn both with casual as well as semi-formal and also formal attires. Depending on personal preferences, we can preserve the neat look of the hairdo or we can add a colorful patch to it with the help of a fabric or a stylish ribbon that can be interwoven into the whole look.

The past years proved that braids won’t be so easily pulled out from the top position of must have hair styles. Instead, hair dressers manage to come up with outstanding and easy-to-create variations of the same hairdo. Our strands will be dressed into a romantic and alluring appearance radiating innocence and femininity.

Oscar de la Renta Oscar de la Renta

In order to sport a similar catwalk-style hairdo all you have to do is follow some basic principles. Despite their complex and sophisticated appearance, milkmaid braids can be created in no time. As you’ll proceed towards the final dazzling outcome, you’ll see how this hairstyle combines both practical and beauty into a fabulous fusion. These are some of the basic steps to have a worth-admiring milkmaid braided style.

First of all complete your hair care routine by washing and conditioning the strands. This is essential in order to be able to keep the locks detangled and free of any build-up of hair styling products. Then make sure you either use a high quality blow dryer or use natural sources to dry your strands. Finally use the perfect brush to create the smooth texture of your hair.

Oscar de La Renta Oscar de La Renta

Carefully separate the hair in two sections, by either creating a middle or no hair part. Those who would like to have a polished and tight braided hairdo should use an elastic band to secure the two pigtails. On the other hand, those who long for a loose and Boho style milkmaid braid should just keep the two sections free without tying them in order to create the magic step at the next level.

It’s time to prepare the must have braids that will make up the chic runway hair style. First of all braid one section relaxed or tight, then secure it with an elastic band. Keep on with the next section and do the same procedure. In the case of those who have medium length hair, they should use elastic bands when separating the sections and place them higher on the head to be able to have the proper length for the milkmaid braids. However, those who were blessed with cascading strands can leave the locks on the normal height, since the dimensions of the hair will allow the proper hair styling.

Oscar de la Renta Oscar de la Renta

After you’ve finished with the braiding session it’s time to lift one section and fix it to the crown area of the head. You can make it either closer to the hairline or to the top of the head. Use some bobby pins to secure the strands on various spots. Make sure it stays in place to guarantee the long-lasting effect of the hair. Then proceed to the next section and do the same ritual. Again use the pins to fix the hair.

Some will have longer hair and the tips might stay loose on the sides of the head. In this case hide them under the braids and use this time also bobby pins that offer proper support for the locks. Finally, don’t forget to use a strong hair styling product as hair spray to secure the spotless condition of your milkmaid braided hairstyle. Spray only a little amount in order to preserve the natural appearance of your look.

Enjoy the beauty of a similar hairstyle and steal the tricks of the runway shows to pair the right makeup with the mesmerizing look. Experiment with the endless variations of the traditional milkmaid braids to start a real craze for creative hair styles among your friends.

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