Mens Hairstyles TrendsAnything goes with men’s hairstyles this season: close crops, sexy bangs and a rock and roll vibe all feature. Take inspiration from past times for a retro look or speed up your style with a contemporary cut to make an impression!

Short Hairstyles for MenNot every head needs to be covered with hair to look good. Short hair looks classy and sophisticated, not to mention easy to care for during the hot summer months. Even short haircuts can have lots of texture in the way they are cut and styled. A nice clean cut can make a man look mature and sophisticated, while on others it may do just the opposite, making them look younger.

Of course it depends on what his intentions are. Extremely short, very choppy and highly textured hairstyles are the trends we’ll be seeing on the male cranium this season.

Medium Length Hairstyles for MenMedium length hair has many definitions for men. It can mean shorter on the sides and longer on top. Keeping hair short on the sides but longer on top allows you to brush your bangs to the side. It may be longer and shaggy all over taking after Brit-rock bands. No matter what its variation, it can be very stylish. For those who opt for medium length hair, a new hairstyle that is catching on is the messier look -purposely messy, that is.

The point is not to look like you rolled out of bed without looking in the mirror and combing your hair, but to allow for your hair to fall more randomly.

Longer Hairstyles for MenLong, relaxed hairstyle exudes a carefree attitude and is easily manageable as it requires nothing more than a good combing after a shower. The only disadvantage of this hairstyle is that your hair may get annoying and it may not be comfortable having it fall in your face.

The newest way to wear long hair is with lots of texture and long layers, especially around the perimeter of the hairline. A perfect ponytail low on the nape is a great way to wear long hair as it is best kept neat and tidy.

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