Medium hairstyles appear to be very popular among women because they offer more versatility than short hairstyles, but require less styling time than long hairstyles. Simply because they are seemingly the perfect balance between short and long hairstyles, medium length hairstyles become the first option for most women.

2010 medium hairstyles trends are meant to offer versatility when it comes to hairstyling. The cuts offer more styling opportunities because this is what most women want to obtain from their new hairstyle. Because medium hairstyles can come in different lengths from chin length to shoulder length, women can choose the medium length that offers their face shape and facial features the best advantages. Women with round face shape should opt for a shoulder length hairstyle, while women with a pointed chin and well defined jaws can opt for the shorter versions.

Layers offer the best styling advantages to 2010 medium hairstyle trends simply because they help to set the hair better. Layers also relieve some of the weight off the hair and give it more volume. Hair volume is necessary when it comes to simple hairstyles since flat, lifeless hair will never be trendy. Hair volume has a certain sexiness and that is what women should expect from their 2010 medium hairstyles trends.

Medium straight hairstyles

Medium straight hairstyles have always posed an attraction because of the hair’s sleek appearance. Naturally straight hair or straightened through different permanent or temporary methods have always contributed to a simple and elegant appearance. Medium straight hairstyles look great with blunt cuts as well as layers. Blunt cuts are a great option for women with very soft facial features, while layers can help soften very well defined facial features.

medium hairstyle medium straight hair

Medium wavy hairstyles

Medium wavy hairstyles create a very sophisticated look, a look suitable for every type of occasion. Medium wavy hairstyles whether styled vintage or more modern look incredibly gorgeous and the waves can be easily obtained using different styling utensils like hair rollers, hot hair rollers as well as waving irons. This type of hairstyles can look beautiful on all face shapes.

medium wavy hairstyle vintage style

Medium curly hairstyles

Medium curly hairstyles create a very innocent and sweet look, a look every woman should try to experience at least once. Curly hairstyles whether natural or styled curly soften the facial features. Curly hair is best enhanced by layers, because layers help set the curls as well as relieve some of the weight which can pull down the hair leaving it flat looking. Women with oval face shapes look especially gorgeous with curly medium length hairstyles.

medium curly curly hair

2010 medium hairstyle trends will make you attract attention and will allow you to style your hair differently. Bangs not only look great with medium length hairstyles, they can also help to hide certain flaws like a wide forehead. Style your medium hairstyle loose straight, wavy or curly, pulled back or braided. Style your hair differently every time you wish and you will look amazing with your medium length hair.