Even though a masculine haircut emphasizes facial traits, the eyes and the skin, before making any radical change, you should think twice and choose your hairstyle based on your face structure. It’s true that a masculine haircut is easier to maintain and you don’t need to spend hours in front of the mirror in order to style long hair. Nevertheless, as time passes you might get bored of the same look and there is not much to do when it comes to short hair.

Thin and normal hair are perfect if you want to get a short haircut, and it is rather advisable to avoid it if you have thick or curly hair just because you might find it hard to style them.

If you are looking for an androgynous look, there are so many different options for you. The classic short cuts are a great mix of masculinity and femininity. For a more interesting approach keep some longer layers in the front that will allow you to play with various different styles such as a punked-up style or slicked hairstyles. With this hairstyle you will certainly turn heads as the combination masculine-feminine can be really irresistible.

If you are bolder, you can try a bowl cut, which can give you a dramatic change. It is a retro cut and one of the simplest styles to make, as it is a plain short haircut with straight bangs on the forehead, the rest of the hair having the same length all the way around the head. This is one of those hairstyles that can offer you the masculine feel you are searching for. Nevertheless, try to avoid this haircut if you have a round or a bigger face as it works better for those with oval, long and square faces. In order to rock this style you need to be confident and daring.

Asymmetrical short hairstyles are meant for those of you who want to make a statement as they are certainly drawing a lot of attention. Clear, playful and androgynous is the message of an asymmetrical short haircut. This eye-catching hairstyle requires low maintenance giving a special texture to your hair. Asymmetrical elements can help you flatter certain facial traits and hide flaws. You can style it using only your fingers. Choose this hairstyle even if you have a thick hair texture.

If you have a vibrant platinum blonde hair, you can be sure of the spectacular effect. In order to better define this choppy hairstyle, apply some hair wax through the ends. Another masculine haircut with feminine touch is the dandy hairstyle. The masculinity stands in the cut, while the femininity is in the texture.

Slicked hairstyle is another androgynous style that became one of the hottest trends for spring/summer 2010. It works great for a hot summer day and it’s easy and quick to make. You just need a good hair gel and a wide tooth comb. Or just your fingers. You have two main versions: the slicked back or the slicked side. For the first one, slick back with gel using a wide toothed comb or your finger in order to provide the texture.

As we have seen, the funky quiff and shaved sides became a very popular hairstyle trend after Rihanna adopted the look and transformed everything into a “quiff revolution”. However, if you are too scared of going too short or shave the sides, you can still keep some longer layers on top, and use the curling iron to get curls. In order to fake shaved sides, use some hair gel or spray to smooth hair down.