Hairstyling is a very important factor in aesthetics, this is why most women opt for a low maintenance hairstyle. Our lives seem to be stuck on fast forward as time is beginning to be something very valuable. People have less and less time available for themselves and this is where low maintenance hairstyles come in. Low maintenance hairstyles offer the solution to hairstyling and lack of time. This type of hairstyles are meant to balance having a nice hairstyle with not having enough time for hairstyling. Low maintenance hairstyles are increasing their popularity simply because of their look as well as the little styling time required.

Perfect for busy moms or people with a busy schedule, low maintenance hairstyles can perfectly suit into your schedule to help you maintain a stylish and well groomed look at any time. Because the maintenance level of the hairstyle is usually determined by the length, cut and hair type, it is best to choose a simple cut that suits your type of hair. This way your hair will receive a flattering shape and will require a minimum styling time.

Short low maintenance hairstyles

Short hairstyles are the closest you can get when it comes to low maintenance. Whether cut on straight or curly hair, low maintenance short hairstyles work beautifully on women with gorgeous and feminine facial features.

Depending on the way the hair is cut, people can obtain versatile haircuts as well. The cut is what makes hairstyles different, so choose the short hairstyle that appeals to you most. Layered, military short, or chin length hairstyles are the easiest hairstyles to style. A minimum styling time would be required daily and the hairstyle, if appropriate for the face shape, will look gorgeous.

short hair short

Medium low maintenance hairstyles

Medium length hair is among the top choices in hair length due to its looks, versatility and maintenance level. The level of maintenance for medium length hairstyles differs according to the cut, hair type as well as the medium length chosen. There are a variety of medium length hairstyles to choose from depending on personal preference and face shape.

From bob hairstyles to layered curly or straight hairstyles, the styling time required is indeed higher than for short hairstyles, but the styling possibilities increase as well. Go for pulled back hairstyles, loose hairstyles, bun hairstyles or bohemian inspired hairstyles because they suit medium hairstyles perfectly.

medium hair medium

Long low maintenance hairstyles

Long hairstyles offer the most versatility when it comes to hairstyling, but the maintenance level is also the highest out of all hair lengths. To maintain your hair’s length, but minimize the styling time required to obtain a gorgeous hairstyle, it is best to choose the right cut for your hair type.

Layers usually work great for straight as well as curly long hairstyles as they relieve some of the hair’s weight. Choose pulled up hairstyles, ponytail hairstyles, braided hairstyles, straight or curly loose hairstyles, bun hairstyles, or hair accessories to create a low maintenance hairstyle that complements your beautiful long tresses.

long red hair long curly hair