Okay, so sunny days are finally here! Are you girls ready to have some fun and play with your styling trying flirty and easy ‘dos? Well, since this is the perfect season to explore and dare a little bit more, why not to opt for simple, straight-from-the-runway looks? So, if you are on the hunt for some easy and lovely ways to style your hair this summer, check out these ‘dos and draw your inspiration!

If you’re on the run and you have no time to fuss over your hair, a just-rolled-out-of-bed look can totally do the trick. Relaxed locks will always be your salvation when wanting to achieve a cool ‘do in record time. You just have to wrap sections around a medium-sized curling iron or, if you want something looser, wave the mid-lengths and leave the ends untouched. Tousle and brush out the curls using a comb. Apply some shimmering serum as a final step. For romantic days, we totally heart a sweet side-swept ‘do! Besides, a hair bling or a beautiful headband can create a special effect!

Ponytails and braids… Need we say more? When it comes to timeless hairstyles, these are definitely those that come back season after season being reinvented in so many fab ways. This summer, for maximum awesomeness, look no further than a chic pony or a notice-me-now braid. Keep your style casual and effortless with a super-cute fishtail plait letting pieces fall forward for a beachy result.

Are you into more elaborate ‘dos? You can add drama to your summer look going for an elegant three-part pony. Start by creating a strong center parting and then section the hair into three ponys, one at the crown of the head, another below the occipital bone, and another at the nape of your neck. Attach each ponytail to the next and secure with an elastic. You can also try a slicked, side-parted and wrapped around ‘do. For these lovely round-the-crown braids, just make a side parting and slick back your hair. Next, make a rope braid, wrap it around the crown of the head and grip in behind the ear. We’re pretty sure that these feminine hairstyles will really make you stand out from the crowd.

If you’re struggling for time, an updo can be your answer and save you from a styling crisis. Somewhere between chicness and casual, sophistication and laid-back, this is one of those styles that works great for both long and shorter hair. Besides, you can achieve the look at home. This summer, try a more textured, low-maintenance ‘do. Start by applying some hold spray, create soft side partings and use you fingers in order to comb hair backward away from the hairline. Next, twist small sections into tight coils and pin them randomly. Easy and sexy!

Well, if time allows you, you can rock one of the most famous summery trends – the milkmaid braids. For super-chic fashionistas who love to turn heads, this elegant ‘dos are a great choice. A look that’s easy to take from day to night, milkmaid braids may seem hard to create yet with just a little patience and some skills, you’ll be amazed of how easy you can achieve them. Take a circular hair section at the crown and divide it into three parts. Next, start making a French braid going under the right ear and all the way around the hairline until you get a full circle. Once the end of the braid meets the beginning, tie it with a thin hair elastic and tuck it back underneath the French braid. Pin in place.

Photos courtesy of elle.com, style.com