Those who are fortunate enough to have naturally curly hair have virtually unlimited possibilities when it comes to styling. Loose curls hairstyles are always highly appreciated due to the fact that they are fairly easy to recreate being considered a romantic, seductive and low-maintenance at the same time. Loose curls are suitable for all kinds of occasions from the most informal ones to more pretentious events. While loose curls are generally associated with long hair there’s no reason why loose curls should not be worn by those who have short hair. Loose curls can compliment almost every face shape, however, those who have a square face will benefit the most from choosing this hairstyle.

The process of creating the perfect curls varies depending on the hair length. Obviously, short hair requires a lot less work compared to medium and long hair. However, a variable remains constant regardless of the method you use for styling: the styling products you used must be of high quality for best results.

Typically, to create loose curls you will need the following hair styling products: volumizing spray, a thermal protection spray (if you are using a wide barrel curling iron), mousse, a shine serum and hair spray. By using these products properly you will be able to prevent the common problem that is a characteristic of this type of hairstyles: lack of definition on the crown of the head and excessive heaviness on the lower part of the hair.

Long loose hairstyles are one of the top choices when it comes to formal occasions such as the prom because of the impression of effortless glamor they provide. On a layered hairstyle, loose curls look even more interesting framing the face nicely and having a face slimming effect.

To create loose curls you should fist apply a thermal protection spray and start blow drying. After your hair is 100% dry and tangle-free you can begin separating your locks into sections of approximately one inch or more.

Take each hair section and apply mousse on the locks using your fingers. Apply volumizing spray for extra definition and a more impressive end result. Place the curling iron close to the roots of the hair and rotate the curling iron to a 180 degree angle, for approximately 5 to 10 seconds. After releasing the section wrap it around the finger. If you hold it for longer, the curls will be tighter. Finally add the shine serum as well as the hair spray for a stronger hold.

Medium loose curls hairstyles are the perfect blend between versatility and practicality. Providing more styling options than short hairstyles and being easier to maintain than long hairstyles, medium hairstyles are the ideal choice for the majority of women.

Half up/down hairstyles, classy updos as well as bun hairstyles are perfect options regardless of the occasions, not to mention the fact that they can be easily recreated in the comfort of your own home in less than an hour, so check out these easy hairstyles.

Short hairstyles can be easily updated with loose curls which help provide a romantic yet extremely modern look.

Curly bob hairstyles are a perfect example when it comes to combining these two characteristics. With the extra volume that the curls provide and the endless variety of options available when it comes to styling, short curly hairstyles will never look boring.

An interesting fusion between straight and curly hairstyles are partially curly hairstyles.

Partially curly hairstyles work great for asymmetrical haircuts because they enable anyone to emphasize this stylish cut depending on their imagination as well as their personal preferences.