It will take a while for sleek straight hairstyles to be brought back as the sexiness of lush wavy hairstyles has been taking all the attention of hair style addicts and the fact that wavy hair can be styled to look both casual and glamorous only aids its popularity. Luscious lengths benefit best from this hair style, so if you’re looking for some long wavy hairstyles to draw inspiration from, you’re going to have a blast browsing through these fab long wavy hair styles for women.

Working with the natural texture of your hair can have stupendous, glam, expensive looking results , so sculpt your hair to perfection to suit your personal style and occasion. The best thing about hair waves is the versatility that can be linked to the texture as from well defined to old Hollywood to subtle and dishevelled, anything goes and each style looks so different.

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Apart from the fact that these hair styles look glamorous and perfect for all occasions, they are also suitable for most types of haircuts and have a certain naturalness that everyone is crazy about. Natural beauty cannot be topped, so why bother wasting your time on sophisticated, time-consuming coiffures when you can look oh-so-fabulous just by enhancing the natural texture of your luscious long locks!?

Prep your hair to look amazing by blow drying the hair using a round brush which will help amp-up the volume of your locks and create the perfect hair waves using any of the following tools: a triple barrel hair waver, a large barrel curling iron, a flat iron or some hot hair rollers as they are all designed to deliver spectacular results. For a daytime look, combine textures and opt for sleek hair on top down to the temples where they’ll meet subtle, barely there hair waves that flow loosely down the ends of the hair. The bigger the space between each wave, the more casual the look, so keep the locks sculpted proportionally with your hair length and amp-up the shine factor with a gloss spray for a sizzling look.

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For the evenings the more pronounced the hair waves, the better the result will be, so start the sculpting process closer to the roots. Sleek the hair down on the back part and keep the sides sexy, wavy and loose or go for an old-Hollywood glam look by creating tight waves that reflect light to unveil a jaw dropping cinematic look. A more modern approach on this timeless classic is to style barely there or slightly messy waves on your long luscious locks. Keep in mind that long, thick wavy hair styles look best, so if your hair is lacking volume, don’t hesitate to turn towards clip-in natural hair extensions as you’ll surely not regret it!

Usually wavy hairstyles are kept loose, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with various hair styling ideas especially once you see the texture of your hair waves is starting to fade, so create a beehive wavy half updo, a side up style or by twisting a section of hair from each side of the head to create a certain fairytale-like inspired half up ‘do. Get creative with your hair and keep it looking outstanding as nothing enhances your beauty quite like perfectly styled hair!

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