Long hairstyle trends for 2011 show just how much hair length matters when it comes to versatility. These new hairstyle trends are trying to accentuate femininity and natural beauty in a simple manner by turning towards what nature has given us all: hair.

Nothing looks more feminine and fabulous than a well styled and maintained hairstyle, so if you want to be admired for your fabulous look, don’t hesitate to inspire yourself from the new long hairstyles trends for 2011. Hair trends change every season so you can always pleasantly surprise and keep your look fresh as sporting the same hairstyle for long periods of time can cause you to look boring. Keep things fresh by taking advantage of the versatility of long hair and be inventive.

Hair by Lisa ShepherdHair by Karine Jackson

Nothing looks more fabulous than well conditioned locks with a boost of hair volume, so to achieve this look you need to incorporate fabulous hair layers into your hair; hair layers encourage body and hair flexibility/bounce. You can opt for soft layers or short and sharp layers depending on hair texture. One of the best things about hair layers is that they can work for sleek straight, curly as well as wavy hairstyles, so they can be an option for everyone. The best and trendiest look is adding soft layers to your long hair and wear it naturally or side swept for a natural, glam-chic look.

Hair by Mark LeesonHair by Lisa ShepherdHair by Great LengthsHair by Great Lengths

Long hairstyles look great regardless of the style and curly, partially curly, sleek straight as well as hot wavy hairstyles can pose as a great hair styling option for your long hair. To ensure you style your tresses right, turn towards hair styling products and hair styling tools such as flat irons and curling irons as they are a definite must for women with long hair. Bangs can also pose as a great option for 2011, as they form the perfect combo with long hair, creating a lovely balance for your look if the right bangs style is chosen. Blunt cut bangs which fall up to your brows, side swept bangs as well as baby bangs look great if paired with a long hairstyle, so if you love bangs, find the one your face shape benefits most from. Layered hairstyles can be styled with a side part as well as center part depending on personal preference, either way the hairstyles will look lovely.

Hai by Mark LeesonHair by Great Lengths

Blunt cut long hairstyles look hot and work best if the cut is created on a sleek straight/vintage wavy hair texture. The sleek straight style/wavy texture of the hair will emphasize the bluntness of the cut and the results will be fabulous. This type of cut helps frame the face shape and attract attention towards the facial features. For a fabulous hair, make sure you deep condition it on a weekly basis and have regular trims. This hair looks best if styled center parted, thus a perfect balance is maintained, so if a center part suits your face shape, don’t hesitate to give it a try.