Blonde hair requires special attention more than any other color as it is very fragile. Whether you have natural blonde or you dyed it, don’t forget to always use products specially created for blonde hair which protect and nourish it offering a healthy and shiny look.

Natural. For a natural look, use mousse for volume applied directly on damp hair, then dry your hair, using in the same time a big, round brush. As a final step mix a few drops of hair varnish for volume and hair spray for volume. You can create a deep side parting. For a special effect you can twist the front section of hair and use a pin to secure it on the opposite side. Using your fingers, ruffle up your hair at the crown of your head in order to get a natural, relaxed look.

Bangs. A long blonde hairstyle with maxi bangs is the perfect option for young women with a lot of attitude who are not afraid to try and dare. This bewitching hairstyle reflects a special beauty and a lot of sex-appeal.

Thick, blunt bangs enhance the beauty of your facial traits. Use the hair straightener for your bangs, while for the rest of your hair you can straighten it also, or make soft waves using big hot rollers. This hairstyle requires a bold makeup that brings out your eyes. As for the lips, a pale pink lip gloss is enough.

Glossy waves and curls. Cascading waves are one of the most glossy hairstyles for blonde hair that can be worn for a casual look, but also for a more formal event. They best flatter women having smaller facial features and naturally long locks. Start by applying mousse on damp hair. Using a curling iron, wrap larger hair sections starting from the mid-lengths and ends, keep them for a few seconds, and unravel. As a finishing step, apply some hair spray for hold. With your fingers gently separate the waves. The result will be long, natural, perfect waves. Don’t forget to apply thermal protection spray before using the curling iron. You can also get tighter curls if you choose smaller hair sections.

’40s glam. When it comes to sexy hairstyles, nothing is more appropriate than the ’40s glam. And since the best way to get a retro hairstyle on blonde hair is to make waves, this style that became famous due to Veronica Lake, is the perfect choice. After washing your hair, blow dry it and use an oval brush to add volume to the roots. When hair is perfectly dry, make a side parting and use a curling iron in order to create waves starting from ear level. You can also use hot rollers for the same glam, retro feel. Set your hair on hot rollers and take them off once they cool. Apply some serum for shiny hair.

A simple ponytail can look stunning on blonde hair. Start by backcombing hair at the roots lifting rows of hair at the crown and brush downward from the mid-lengths towards the roots. Repeat the action and then make the surface even using the wide teeth comb. Secure your hair at the back into a ponytail. For a sophisticated hairstyle with a retro touch, backbrush or backcomb hair at the crown. Twist it and secure it with a hair pin. For a romantic, bohemian look, leave hair on the sides fall loose. You may even add a chic headband.

Chic chignons look amazing with blonde hair adding sophistication and glam, revealing shades that cannot be seen if your hair is down. Take all your hair and twist it into a pleat at the back of your head. Pin it and for a softening effect, leave some tendrils around your face. You can also make a looser bun by pulling your hair back of the face. Start by taking the top half back and secure it using an elastic band. Afterwards, fix the lower part into a ponytail. Then, you just have to take the two parts, each one at a time, and tuck them up to form a bun, and use pins to fix the hairstyle. For a more nonconformist style, you can make the bun on the side.