Every mother wants her baby boy to look great no matter his age, this is why in the modern world of today kids are dressed after the latest fashion trends and are sporting the latest hairstyles. It is probably something every mother wishes in order to have her son admired. It is true that at a certain age kids begin forming their own fashion style and tend to ask for what they like.

When it comes to hairstyles, children can choose what they want when they reach a certain age. They might choose a hairstyle they saw their class mates wearing or a hairstyle from their favorite teen celebrity. Teen celebrities are always wearing the latest hairstyle trends, so they make a great source of inspiration for you or your child. One of the coolest and trendiest hairstyles for boys as well as for men are Mohawk hairstyles. The Mohawk is a punk inspired hairstyle worn by children as well as by adults. It is a very daring and eye catching hairstyle, a hairstyle which doesn’t suit everyone. Boys and men with character and style wear best these Mohawk hairstyles.

The Mohawk can be created on all hair lengths, from short hair to long, depending on each person’s hair length and preference. The hair on the sides of the head is cut short, leaving only the part in the middle of the head longer. The length of the hair which remained longer will be styled upwards, in the shape of a fan.

Short Hair Mohawks

If your child’s hair is cut short, you will be able to create what is called a faux-hawk. The name faux- hawk says it all, it is a fake Mohawk because short hair will limit the styling of the Mohawk. The hair will be cut shorter on the sides and left gradually longer towards the top. The hair that is longer will be styled in a ridge in the middle of the head, thus forming a faux-hawk.

Medium Hair Mohawk

The Mohawk created on medium hair length will look great and it will create a gorgeous looking hairstyle. The hair on the sides of the head can be shaved or cut shorter, while the hair on top of the head will remain longer. The longer the hair remained uncut, the higher the Mohawk will stand. It depends on each person’s preference and style how high the Mohawk will stand.

Long Hair Mohawk

The Mohawks created on long hair create the most obvious hairstyles. These are statement hairstyles which attract a lot of attention, so they must be worn with style. The hair on the sides can be razor cut or cut short, leaving only the hair on top of the head longer. The hair will be styled up using styling products which will help the hair set in place.

If your child wants a long hair Mohawk, but his hair length is short, there is no reason to worry. Start with a faux-hawk and as the hair grows turn it into a long hair Mohawk. Mohawk hairstyles look great on boys as well as on adults, on men as well as women, so go ahead and inspire your Mohawk hairstyle from celebrity kids like Maddox Jolie-Pitt, Kingston Rossdale, Landon Barker.

Mohawk kids