Long and layered hairstyles are the best options if you like to keep your hair well below your shoulders and they’re easy to style if you use the right tips. Check out some of the best long hair layered hairstyles and style them to fit your look.

Olivia Wilde Layered Hair with Side Bangs Jessica Biel Tousled Layered Hairstyle

Jessica Biel’s Tousled Layers

Get the beachy casual look for your long layered hair using a thickening spray on your hair before blow drying it with the scrunching technique. Massage dry shampoo to your roots for lift and also to your ends. A lightweight hairspray is the best way to complete the look.

Olivia Wilde’s Wavy Style with Side-Swept Bangs

Olivia Wilde’s relaxed waves are an excellent styling option for layered long hairstyles. Start by applying a very small amount of hair oil to your damp hair and dry it while adding texture with your fingers. Curl iron the hair divided in 4 sections (sides, back, top) and then separate your waves with your fingers before applying a little hairspray with memory hold.

Ali Larted Straight Layered Hairstyle Kim Kardashian Layered Curly Hairstyle

Ali Larter’s Sexy Straight Hair

Get a sleek straight look like Ali Larter for your long layers by applying smoothing cream to your damp hair. After you blow dry it with a round brush use a flat iron on the lower half of your hair. Go for a side part with a hair flip for a relaxed feel and use anti-humidity hairspray to keep your look throughout the day.

Kim Kardashian’s Curly Hairstyle

Part your hair before towel drying it, apply texturizing mousse and blowdry it with a large brush for lots of lift at the roots to get Kim Kardashian’s layered look. Use a 1/2 inch curling iron and finger comb to complete your look.

Kate Hudson Wavy Layered Hairstyle Long Layered Hairstyle with Headband

Kate Hudson’s Romantic Wavy Hair

Get a romantic side-swept look like Kate Hudson by blow drying with a round brush. Use a 2 inch curling iron for a short time on each strand to get messy waves and mist it with flexible hold spray.

Long Hair Layered Hairstyles with Accessories

When you’re running out of options, don’t go for a shorter look before experimenting with a few hair accessories that can give you a fresh style.

Headbands and scarves can change your look instantly and they’re some of the hottest hair accessories in 2013. Try the low ponytail with beautiful headbands and get a sleek look for long and layered hairstyles.

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