Permanent waves are popular options to add volume and a sensual allure to worn-out strands. Indeed, the hair styling industry offers so many variations of perms that it is really hard to find out way out of the multitude of techniques.

Those who have super-sleek tresses might long for cascading waves, those who were already blessed with these accessories might want to add a romantic flair to the their waves turning them into tight curls. Either way those who decide on having a chemically treated hairdo should find these guidelines extremely helpful. These are the latest trends of perm hairstyles on the market.

Partial Spiral Perms

As the name suggests, these partial spiral perms aim to add volume to the lower tresses rather than including the whole hairstyle. Indeed, these are sported mainly by those who would like to keep the sleek texture of the crown area.

Adding a sensual and romantic flair to the hairdo, partial spiral curls perfectly match both medium and long hairstyles. Those who would like to sport their strands using this perming method should analyze their hair texture then decide whether it is the best trick to have a voluminous hairdo.

Tight Curls

Tight curls are created with the help of small rods that will create the tiny corkscrews. Resembling the effect of a curling iron, these devices will raise the hair adding visible texture to the strands.

Fullness is best achieved with this technique especially if it is done on medium and short hair. Long tresses look just as fabulous, however, it might be a bit more difficult to handle the curls after having them. Curly hairstyles are among the top hairstyles of the year.

Root Perms

This perming technique as a rule targets the roots, as one of the best tricks to lift the strands and create a Bouffant look to our hairstyle.

Usually the tresses are wrapped at least 2-3 inches close to the scalp in order to achieve the best results. After the chemical treatment session you’ll notice that the fine strands will efficiently keep their raised and voluminous appearance. This hair styling method is best illustrated on short hair where the length doesn’t weigh down tresses.

Body Waves

It’s a popular perming technique both among celebrities and average people in general. Those who flirt with the idea of curly hair and still don’t want to sport tight curls will find body waves the perfect option.

This hot hairstyle can be sported both by those who have dense hair and especially those with fine hair, since it will give the desired fairy-tale hair look to their lifeless strands. Indeed, it can’t be regarded exactly a low-maintenance hairdo since it needs the proper care to preserve its long-lasting effect.