Knotted bun hairstyles are very popular because of their gorgeous looks as well as low maintenance. Knotted bun hairstyles are indeed interesting as well as neat, since they help create a very classic look, a funner and more modern version of the ballerina bun.

Because knotted bun hairstyles are classic hairstyles with a twist they are appropriate for casual as well as formal wear, making them not only versatile but popular as well. Times have changed and women are becoming more and more busy, and it is in these times when low maintenance hairstyles are welcome. Looking good and well taken care of is crucial especially for women because this maintenance and improving of image is what makes women appear more feminine. Having a perfectly arranged hairstyle every day will make a woman stand out and will contribute to her beautiful appearance. Hairstyles have a very important role in physical aspect, so it is very important to remember it’s importance.

The knotted hairstyle has become very popular among celebrities on certain formal or less formal events. They create a very simple, classical yet interesting look, a look which can be easily reproduced once you know the basics. In order for a knotted bun hairstyle to look best it is very important to have healthy, shiny straight hair. Only then the knotted hairstyle will be able to look it’s best. The shine of the straight hair will enhance the appearance of the knot, enhancing it’s interesting look.

knotted bun knotted hairstyle

To create this gorgeous hairstyle one needs to:

start with clean tresses because clean hair will have a healthier aspect

straighten the hair using a straightening iron if you have curly hair. The straightening iron will also add shine to your tresses

pull the hair back as low or as high as you wish and hold it like you were going to make a pony

wrap the hair around your fingers by taking the hair in an upwards and down motion. Take the hair towards the opposite direction in a parallel way to create a circle (by wrapping the hair around)

secure the hair using bobby pins or by using hair sticks. If you are using hair sticks make sure you secure the hair from the inside the knot

hair knot knotted bun

This type of hairstyle can be created in a few seconds once you have the dexterity obtain through training. Your hair will be instantly chic without too much effort. Inspire your knotted bun hairstyle from different celebrities or directly from the runway fashion presentations. Your hair will make you look as gorgeous as you deserve to be, all you need to do is help it help you.