Japanese games and cartoons are so popular all over the world, just think Naruto, Death Note, Bleach, Soul Eater, One Piece and much more; both with their futuristic revolution and colorful characters – in the largest sense of the word.

Breaking the habit of the Asian beauty ideal of long and sleek hair, these hairdos flag the fact that hair styling got to a whole new level drawing inspiration from Anime characters. Gradually becoming a signature style for the very fashion-conscious Japanese teens, Anime also launched a new craze in the hairstyle domain, just like the famous Harajuku hairstyles, this trend also spreads its ‘animated’ atmosphere all over the world.

No wonder that Japanese anime hairstyles are that popular since most of the anime character’s hairstyles are not that hard to copy – get some layers that fall into your face, a good hair moulding/styling product and optionally a new hair color; or just get a wig and start cutting it and coloring it, getting inspired by your favorite anime character.

anime hairstyleanime hairstyle

This idea gives full-speed freedom for pulling off some very original Japanese anime hairstyles. Whether you want it super-high or low, pointed or just simply layered, the decision is up to you, just be realistic and choose and anime hairstyle that can be translated into the real life.

Edgy, cartoonish hairstyles are highlighted with some crazy accessories. Hats, headbands and scarves that are worn by the anime characters. Find your favorite character and try to make the real thing happen with imitating his/her style and hairdo.

Anime Characters Hairstyles

Some might opt for the traditional characters, some for the larger than life ones. Anime hairstyles have gone through a fast evolution, generating worldwide trends both in the field of hair styling and fashion.