Hair color can be one of the greatest and easiest ways to upgrade your hairstyle without changing your hair length. Because so many color hues are available and simply because some women can pull off some of the most powerful and lovable hair colors, this trend will never go away. Women are sometimes afraid to play around with hair color because it can go either way, good or disastrous, but there are the confident women, who love to attract attention and love to play with hair color.

Powerful hair color tones can attract a lot of attention, it can enhance a hairstyle as well as facial features. It is best to choose the hair color according to the skin tone. Your skin tone is a decisive factor when choosing an unusual hair color because the color can enhance or make your appear dull. To help you choose an interesting and out of the ordinary hair color you need to choose a hair color which would suit you and which would be on your top preference.

Red hues

Red hair has always created an innocent look, but fire red or intense red hair color is no way innocent. It matches beautifully with a fair skin complexion, complementing the skin and bringing out the eyes. There are a variety of red hair color tones to choose from, depending on each person’s preferred result.

red hair color red hair

Violet hues

Violet has been a very popular color this year in fashion and it seems that it is as popular in hair color also. Violet hairstyles look great especially if there is only a subtle visual effect obtained through a dark hair coloration with violet reflexions. This will help to create a very sophisticated, yet subtle effect perfect for women who don’t want to go too bright.

violet hue hair color Violet hair color

Citrus hues

Yellow as well as orange hair color can create such an astonishing effect if it matches the skin tone. They match perfectly with fair skin; tanned skin combination will create a powerful contrast between the hair color and the complexion, contrast which could look disastrous. Opt for a bright or soft coloration depending on your personal preference.

yellow hair color orange hair

Feel free to try out the hottest bright hair colors, and the best way to experiment is by turning to a professional. They will be able to create the exact color tone you wish to obtain without damaging your precious tresses.