It seems that the new season is shedding some light on an array of ultra stylish hair color ideas that can turn you into a trendsetter. From the prettiest monochromes to the hottest color combos, these hair color styles will dare you to resist them, so browse through the new sizzling looks and draw inspiration for your next look!

If you thought blondes have more fun, you couldn't be more wrong as women who dare to express their individuality and style through cool haircuts and innovative hair coloring have the best fun as there's nothing more liberating than sporting a look that you feel super comfortable in. If you're looking for a modern take on hair coloring, take a peek at the following 2012 innovative hair color ideas and draw inspiration for your new look. You don't have to follow the latest trends to look cool and these hair color styles are meant to turn you into a trendsetter, so dare to go a bit bolder than usual and let your imagination take you on unknown but safe grounds.

Hair by Mark LeesonHair by Mark LeesonHair by Van MichaelHair by Van Michael

Whenever you're thinking of switching your hair color to a unique hue and go totally different than your current one, a professional approach is always the best option. A pro will know how to mix the hues and how long to allow the color to sit on your locks to end up with a sizzling, luscious hair color rather than a matte color and dry/damaged hair.
If you love an all-in-one hair color but you wish to make your locks steal the spotlight in a subtle, classy way, you can turn your attention towards rich pigments that fall far from ordinary, hues such as sunkissed copper, blue-silver, salmon pink, etc. A unique hair color needs a pro touch if you wish to achieve great results, so make sure you choose an experienced hair colorist when switching up to the ultimate party hair color!

Hair by Van MichaelHair by Van MichaelHair by Bang HairHair by Van Michael

If you're not afraid of mixing things up a bit, choose to experiment with glossy colored highlights that subtly peek out of your base color for an elegant effect or go bold and choose eye catching colors that give your look a bit of an edge. Another way to update your look is by opting for the ombre hair color or a dip dye effect as both these techniques give superb effects especially if you're playing with the perfect colors. The first two techniques give the best results if the colors used blend with your natural shade while the dip dye method looks best if high, contrasting hues are used.

Go for colored under-layers or choose to play with a cool color block hairstyle that screams uniqueness and edginess, depending on your personality Say goodbye to boring hair color and give innovative hair color styles a try. Keep your color glossy and your hair healthy as only this way your locks will manage to look salon-fresh every time!

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