Are you eager to try something new and cool such as Katniss Everdeen’s braid in The Hunger Games? Los Angeles based blogger Maegan from loveMaegan surprises us once again with a fab hairstyle. Even though it might look rather challenging, with patience and a few braiding skills, you’ll be able to achieve this unexpected, enviable ‘do in no time. Don’t get discouraged from the very first attempt! It will definitely turn heads and make you win the spotlight!

Boy oh boy, this braid is definitely worth trying! And yes, even if it will make you sweat, the result will be more than satisfying. So, arm yourself up with perseverance and an elastic and get ready to have fun! Maegan shows us step-by-step how to recreate The Hunger Games French braid in order to be sophisticated and sexy yet relaxed and girly with a slightly ethereal touch. You can make it looser or tighter and wear it to your daytime looks or to a rather formal event. Check it out!

Okay, now that your hair is all clean and ready to be styled, prepare your arms for some serious work. Well, the ‘do is in fact Maegan’s Side French Braid low up-do hair tutorial but left out instead of pinned up and braided under instead of over. It’s done exactly the same way as a regular French braid but instead of braiding over the other sections, you braid them under. Start by making a side parting, section the front, dividing it into three sections, and begin French braiding your hair. You should concentrate the direction of the braid to the right side of your head.

Finish the braid and secure with an elastic. You can pull apart the braid giving it a rather messy, relaxed texture or leave it tighter. Apply some hairspray to hold your Hunger Games French braid! Are your arms tired? Don’t worry because it’s definitely worth it!

Maegan Tintari is currently working with BlogHer as their Style Editor and at Life Well Lived as a Beauty Expert. On her blog she shares personal style secrets, DIYs and hair tutorials, home decor and fashion tips, and she also let her readers take a look into her personal life with her husband and two adorable dogs. She is also working on her first book with the tentative book title “Rock Your Assets: How to Dress your Body Type to Become a Fashion Goddess” to be released Spring 2013. We can hardly wait!

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