Curls are the epitome of femininity, a quick way to soften your features and a fun way to change things up once in a while. However, using a curling iron or heated rollers can feel a little cumbersome at times. Plus, frequent heat can leave your hair in a less than perfect condition especially if you like to play with your hair texture a lot. Are there any other options left for girls who don’t necessarily want to invest in hair styling tools they’re not certain they will use often or for those who wish to spare their tresses from heat damage?

The answer is a resounding yes. TradesecretsCA shows us a genius low tech trick to help us get the results we want with little effort, no unnecessary damage and without relying on a multitude of hair styling products. What more can a girl ask for? Do you have a stretchy headband laying around? Then you have the perfect tool for getting enviable curls in the morning. Let’s see how to get those lustworthy curls you dream of.

How to Style No-Heat Curls with a Headband How to Style No-Heat Curls with a Headband

Begin by creating the part where you want it to be after the hair is curled. Then, put the headband round your forehead. Now, the most time-consuming part of this hairstyle begins. Take relatively equal hair sections and begin carefully twisting them around the headband. Make sure to use the previous hair sections each time you create a new section to twist. Repeat until all your hair is twisted. Combine the last two strands twisting them as well, making sure the tips are well tucked into the headband.

Believe it or not, this was the hard part of this hairstyle. Now, you can literally go to rest as the next step involves going to sleep. To ensure you don’t lose your hard work during this time you can secure the headband with a thicker one or a bandana to protect your work. When you wake up in the morning you’ll be seconds away from getting those gorgeous curls you crave. In the morning, remove the headband and reveal your easy-peasy no heat curls. Ensure your curls stay perfect all day long with a few mists of medium hold hairspray. This way you’ll still be able to adjust your curls throughout the day.

How to Style No-Heat Curls with a Headband