Creating a high fashion hairstyle is no longer the torture you imagine as hair pros and hair enthusiasts have generously contributed to the development of new hair styling techniques that give fuss-free results in minutes. We’ve stumbled upon one of these techniques and we were instantly hooked as beauty blogger Cynthia from eBeautyBlog made the process of learning step-by-step how to style a vintage princess braided updo look effortless, an elegant, classy up-style.

The braid has become a perfect solution to a fabulous at-home hairstyle that displays an intricate look, so no wonder that women are trying to master as many braiding techniques as possible from the three strand to the waterfall braid

A clear demo of how a simple braid can lead to a sophisticated, uber-romantic look that oozes elegance is provided below.  Check out the steps to learning how to style a princess braided updo with a vintage twist and put into practice what you’ve learned to look fresh and fabulous every time you desire without too much fuss.

Before you start styling your vintage updo, you’ll need the following tools:

– flat iron (for those with curly hair)

– bobby pins

– two hair elastics

– hair styling mousse/ texturizer (if you have fine hair that tends to come undone easily)

To start you’ll need to straighten your hair (if you don’t have naturally straight locks) as this hair texture reveals best the braids and overall effects given by the style, and part your hair in two symmetrical sides. If your hair is fine, layered or tends to come undone easily, apply a bit of hair styling mousse on the a couple of inches in width on the sides of the head from roots to ends, to give the hair more adherence while you braid.

Once you’ve parted the hair, separate a few hair strands from the front part and start creating a half French braid by braiding and adding pieces of hair from the loose locks, adding the extra hairs to the center stand. Proceed until you’ve reached the tips and then secure the end using a thin hair elastic.

Now, you can move on to create the exact same style using the same technique on the other side of the head. Secure the ends when you’re done and then take the tip of one of the braids and take it back, stretching it towards the temple on the opposite side of the head. Use bobby pins to secure the braid into place and then repeat using the other braid, slightly overlapping them. Secure well the braids using bobby pins, tuck in the ends of the braids and prepare to make heads turn with your classy, princess-like updo.

With a little bit of practice you can master this braiding technique, so practice and let your hair styling skills turn you into a definite hair diva!